Cardi B defends violent protesters

Cardi B defends violent protesters

Entertainer Cardi B defended the actions of protesters after the death of George Floyd. ’They looting in Minnesota and as much as I don’t like this type of violence it is what it is. Too much peaceful marches, too much trending hashtags, and NO SOLUTIONS! The people are left with NO CHOICE’, she tweeted, adding a video of a local Target store being looted.

Philip DeLorenzo
Philip DeLorenzo 0 months

Cardi B. Who the hell is that? LoL

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Anyone know how to downvote a story on this app?

Fin 0 months

Why he is part of distraction to real problem.. Advocating the violence only makes you just as inhumane as those four cops

John W
John W 0 months

Then looters should go to her businesses, not the local black businesses.

The Progressive
The Progressive 0 months

LOW-BIRTHRATE Right wing MAGGA MAGGOTS celebrate the Boston Tea "Party" & the revolutionary war as if those weren't illegal & violent acts according to British colonial law😂😂😂. Also slavery, Jim Crow& & selling certain homes exclusively to white people were all legal for long periods of time, s' I'm not really sure you want to conflate legality with morality.

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