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In a ’tragic mistake,’ Austrian hospital amputates wrong leg of patient

In a ’tragic mistake,’ Austrian hospital amputates wrong leg of patient

An Austrian hospital amputated the wrong leg of a patient, blaming human error for what it called a ’tragic mistake.’ The elderly patient was suffering from many illnesses, the Freistadt Clinic said. Previous sicknesses meant his left leg required amputation. The hospital said the patient has been offered psychological assistance and must still undergo another operation to remove his left leg.

Mela N
Mela N 0 months

This must qualify for clinical negligence right? What do you mean unfortunate human error??

Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 0 months

I had minor surgery early last year and the number of times I was asked to confirm who I was and what was being done by almost everyone I dealt with was almost tedious (other than me wanting them to get it right). I had the area to be worked on well marked during that process. This kind of error seems really hard to achieve if protocols were in place as multiple people would have had to fail in their duties (I assume the relevant leg should have had some serious marking on it so theatre staff should have noticed if the surgeon went to the wrong leg). If the patient was incoherent the conflict between the description and the patents answers should have raised warning bells.

BlunderingFool 0 months

Holy fucking shit, that’s not just a “tragic mistake” it’s a case of fire the idiot who screwed their bloody left and right up!

eclipseNF 0 months

This is what happens when average IQ becomes lower in society as it has been. More mistakes like this

Cynax 0 months

I mean human errors happen, no one is perfect, not even surgeons But amputating the wrong leg? "Luckily" it was an elderly man, imagine ot was a young boy or girl, without any legs bc of an error...

smith 4 weeks

It sounds bad, but it happens. I don't mean to say it's ok. It's definitely not ok. But the fact that it's reported internationally shows how rare it is, despite the number of surgeries annually. I don't like the facility blaming 'human error'. That's a cop out. Either one of their policies allowed this to happen, or someone went outside policy. And if someone went outside policy, than you have to ask why. Maybe it's because they person's reckless or maybe they didn't have the time to verify which leg, or the chart didn't make it clear. Most these failures are multifactorial.

Stefnir 0 months

So not only is this guy elderly and sickly but now he can't even walk again without the use of two fake legs. Nice going on making his last years even more unbearable.

Jon 0 months

The medical standard, specifically introduced to prevent this, has so many double checks and safeguards it seems rediculous. Someone should even have written "yes" and "no" on his thighs during a diagnostic session. This could only happen by ignoring that standard, his surgical team is 100%liable and should be stripped of their licenses. Learn to deliver Grubhub, folks, the occasional error is acceptable there.

Zeal 4 weeks

This is malicious disregard. Mistakes like these should have people losing medical licenses and many many people being fired. This industry is a sham.

Sarah 4 weeks

Sounds like a lawsuit incoming. I mean for fvck’s sake, you have so many chances to remedy your mistake. How does this happen?

Andreas 0 months

I recall that for every knee operation I had I had to mark a big cross on the leg myself. This means that such issues are not so uncommon.

Shono 4 weeks

I would like to visit this man

Barry MC
Barry MC 4 weeks

Wait, your left, or my left?

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 4 weeks

Well at least it wasn't his third leg!

pretty 4 weeks

I would fucking hop my way to that surgeon's house and fucking destroy his life. What disgusting, moronic, idiot went to school for like a decade to cut off someone's leg in a mishap. I hope he sues him for everything he has and ever will have. What a joke. My heart goes out to this man, I hope you find comfort somehow and are ok all things considered. I truly do.

Eric 4 weeks

And here in the US the state of Missouri a law was passed by the Republicans that limits medical liability to $24,000 saying it would bring medical costs down. But at the same time they refuse to introduce regulations on the insurance companies to keep insurance companies from gouging it’s customers on their insurance policies by raising deductibles and premiums.

6Million$Mansplainer 4 weeks

Trust the experts.

Garthak 4 weeks

Guy can't get a leg up

Csaba 4 weeks

There is no excuse for this! Cannot happen! Hospital, Dr., nurse all negligent 100%.

Csaba 4 weeks

Your right, my right...doesnt matter! Multiple checks and balances made!

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