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Woman volunteer abused by some for hugging exhausted migrant

Woman volunteer abused by some for hugging exhausted migrant

While the video of a Red Cross volunteer embracing a sobbing, exhausted migrant who swam from Morocco to Spain’s North African enclave Ceuta touched many, some have also been outraged by it. The volunteer, Luna Reyes, has closed her Twitter account after she was subjected to xenophobic and sexist abuse. Cristina Seguí, a far-right commentator, accused the migrant of sexually abusing Reyes.

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 4 weeks

She gave the most human act, compassion. That is what everyone needs to show, but few do

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 4 weeks

There shouldn't be an issue with her hugging him, just as much as as there shouldn't be an issue with him being sent back to Senagal. It's nice to show him compassion but he *has* broken the law and can't stay.

Morbo 4 weeks

How about sensible critism, hugging a man not wearing a mask, you know nothing about is extremely arrogant. I don't care if she gets Wuhan flu but I do care if she passes it on. Wft was the point of suspending basic human rights if dipshits like this can get away with flagrantly ignoring the very same actions she would be complaining about if soneone else did them.

Matthew 4 weeks

I usually talk a lot of shit on here and everywhere about how stupid shit is, but this, the people that harassed her need to be tarred and feathered so the rest of us know what kind of shitty person they are and beat them the rest of the way to death

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 4 weeks

Man more right wingers showing how horrible of people they are. And how racist and xenophobic they are. Sad things is they probably said the same thing reactionaries do on this site about immigrants.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 4 weeks

Compassion and treating a bIack person humanely, a white girl and a bIack dude. No wonder the right are totally triggered. I can't imagine how much that must burn.

Maesterfully 4 weeks

More fecking illegal aliens being cosseted by the Commie cross

solodolo 4 weeks

This is one of things that annoys me about conservatives. It's the fact that they attempt to reduce any problem down to breaking the law, as a way to to mask their true feelings of human superiority over others. I'll use this as loose example, not exact apples to apples analogy, but the point remains: say for example, a father's daughter is raped. In response, he kills his daughter's abuser. Now did he break the law? Yes. Should that be all that there is to it? How would you feel in that situation? Should we treat you as a pure criminal? I couldn't look at the father as if he's a murderer and that's it. These immigrants, refugees, however you classify them are not trying to cross into spain just because they want to break the law. They are doing so because, where they are from there are no jobs, no opportunities, no hope to live a life of dignity. And they are trying to get to a place that may offer them a chance to reach their human potential. Every far right immigration far right hard liner would do the exact same thing if in their shoes. Now am I saying there should be open borders? No. Am I saying they shouldn't be shipped back? No. There are obviously national security issues that need to be considered. However, conservatives need to stop behaving as if these immigrants are subhuman for attempting to find a better life. It's no different from south american immigrants illegally attempting to cross into the US because drug cartels are beheading civilians as a fear tactic. It's more complex than just they broke the law.

Gene 4 weeks

Soon they'll forced their way of life on the Spanish people

Neil 4 weeks

This is why I'm not a republican. They hate hugs for God's sake... How much more awful can you be?

Randy 4 weeks

Nothing wrong with this picture. Also, likely nothing wrong with sending him back.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 4 weeks

Why is the media celebrating invaders? Borders exist for a reason. We have immigration laws for a reason. Enforcement of the law should be equal for all people, no special privileges for “bipoc” or whatever idiotic lefty term they use to elevate these trespassers.

TexasReb 4 weeks

Give him a big ol' hug and then boot his @ss back to the hell hole he came from. To All Illegal Immigrants: Make your own country better! Son't mess up another country because of your countries religion and politics keep you poor and oppressed. Dump Islam as your religion. It's an overbearing, heavy handed and regressive set of laws. It's a political system in disguise as a religion.

Brianna 3 weeks

This article is like a trigger bomb to people who think of themselves as “right wing”. It would be funny if it wasn’t so horribly laced with hate and ignorance.

chris 3 weeks

"Abused" on twitter, lol!

Patricia 4 weeks

Beautiful picture.

bobby_5150 4 weeks

Did he get her consent? In writing?

Seekster 4 weeks

A human hugging another human. I don't see the problem.

Kayla 4 weeks

The left remains brain dead

Julian 4 weeks

Hugging an invader. How progressive

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