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Trump slams Minneapolis mayor over violent protests

Trump slams Minneapolis mayor over violent protests

President Trump threatened to ’get the job done right’ to control the violent Minneapolis protests. ’Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right’, Trump tweeted. Rioters in the city took over a police precinct and set it ablaze in protest of George Floyd’s death.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 months

When the left gets angry they destroy the things of innocent people that are part of their community because thats the correct way to solve your problems. (Sarcasm implied) Its funny how people on the left say the right is brainwashed, when they are the ones obeying their programming and acting out in violent means.

Big Nate
Big Nate 3 months

I'm glad we have a president with balls.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 3 months

His commentary is stupid but it's hardly without precedence for the National Guard to deal with problems beyond the scope of local governments. As I said, Trump didn't need to put the mayor down. He needed to offer help if needed.

Carol 3 months

Trump, he did not ask for "your" interference! Period!

shawn 3 months

Trump should make a executive order that all cops who kill/murder get investigated by the fbi not their own police department same with if a police officer is killed.

Something Witty
Something Witty 3 months

I love how the response to the wrongful death of a man is for his community to burn itself down. I agree Floyd’s killers should be sentenced to jail, but this doesn’t mean that now people have the right to an unpeaceful protest. If the black community in Minneapolis really wanted to right this wrong, they would place pressure on the justice system to get a conviction backed by evidence. This whole situation is highly unfortunate, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 months

Let them burn down their community. I sure as hell wouldn't rebuild anything they demolished if i was their mayor. Leave those burndt buildings standing as a lesson on what not to do if you want to protest violently. Its not going to teach them a damn thing if the mayor just rebuilds. Yes what happened was wrong and a travesty but trashing ones own community is not the way to go about showing your displeasure. The mayor is showing his people that they can walk all over him .

Douggie 3 months

Trump has NO RIGHT to ever Criticize anyone for their leader ship he has been a total and utter failure letting 100,000 people plus die needlessly! Maybe twitter will turn off his account for the weekend... that would HELP!

Orin Rivenburg
Orin Rivenburg 3 months

Mr President please I'm only a elected official her I can't make decisions by myself

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months

Minneapolis needs to get under control desperately!

Syrocynical 3 months

why are these called violent protests? they are clearly riots

BumperCar 3 months

So which one is it? Riot or "violent protest"?

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