Bad state data hiding COVID-19 threat; disease tracking hindered: Politico

Bad state data hiding COVID-19 threat; disease tracking hindered: Politico

A recent report published by Politico has revealed that state and federal officials from across the country have hidden or altered health data which is necessary to track the spread of the novel coronavirus. This has hindered the ability to detect a surge of infections, even as President Donald Trump presses for the country to reopen quickly.

Tom A
Tom A
Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 months

HOAX We are wide open here in FLORIDA except the theme parks this media hype is a crime The media censoring doctors form youtube is a crime. We will no longer stand for it. The media is doing the same thing with these riots they do with school shootings

Soul Shakedown
Soul Shakedown 1 months

Look at Japan - no lockdown, very low number of deaths. Also look at the difference in outcomes between states that didn’t lockdown and those that did. How can these discrepancies between the data and the narrative (lies) being given to us by the media and “experts” be reconciled. Ask yourself why and who stands to benefits. Critical thinking is important.

Elaine 1 months

Scott, How ignorant does someone have to be, to actually believe that these are made up, just to influence the public. I live in NJ, and the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting did happen, and 20 little kids were killed, while that asshole, Alex Jones, made those parents lives more of a living hell, besides the grief of loosing a child. While in a custody dispute, his lawyers actually argued that he was just playing a part, like any other actor.

paddy 1 months

The same bad data that is inflating their numbers to get gibs

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