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Forbes drops Kylie Jenner from billionaire list

Forbes drops Kylie Jenner from billionaire list

Forbes magazine has dropped reality TV star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner from its list of billionaires, accusing her family of inflating the value of her cosmetics business. Forbes said the family went to ’unusual lengths’ to present Jenner as richer than she was. Jenner dismissed the article as ’inaccurate statements and unproven assumptions’.

Is it 2025 yet?
Is it 2025 yet? 5 months

Who fucking cares?

James Smith
James Smith 5 months

Who exactly is this, one of the Kardashians? She is manufacturing cosmetics, my guess is a lot of people in the celebrity world alter their net worth to suit themselves by PR. But it is interesting

WorldUndercurrent 5 months

Instead of a billionaires list I want to see a list of the people with the most tax write-offs and off-shore tax havens. Of course Bezos is still at the top.

zach 5 months

Lmao show your taxes 🤣

Thelonius 5 months

Is there even enough of her original body left for her to be considered Kylie Jenner?

not the 1%
not the 1% 5 months

is she related to Trump? lol

Pamela 5 months

First COVID-19, then murder hornets, now THIS?!

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