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Hong Kong’s global financial status at risk

Hong Kong’s global financial status at risk

With China’s national security law being enforced upon Hong Kong, US decided to revoke all policy exemptions which entitled Hong Kong to special treatment. Trump added that he would ’take steps’ and penalize Chinese and Hong Kong officials involved in dissolving the latter’s autonomy. With the loss of preferential treatment it enjoyed, Hong Kong would face a threat to its international standing.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 5 months

The world economies need to unite and stand up to China for this and not leave US alone on this. Where is EU and Canada and UK and Australia and France and Germany? They all need to deal some economic blow to China and take their businesses out and remind China that their bread and butter is their trade with those that they are causing trouble with.

Just_Saying 5 months

Revoking HK's special trade status does as much if not more to harm the pro democracy, political reformers in HK, that are pressuring and working to force change in China's authoritarian and oppressive government, as it does to harm that same authoritarian CCP government. Makes you wonder if thats why he is choosing to harm HK. He does have a thing for authoritarian strong man leaders, always praising Putin, and Bolsonaro.

The Biggest Bird
The Biggest Bird 5 months

It is the biggest shame that this has to happen but something needs to be done about Chinese aggression. We cannot allow China to invade Poland without doing anything about it.

Alt nothing
Alt nothing 5 months

WHO yesterday. China today. Who wants to call the next Trump deflection? I'll take bets on the States or Obama next outside bet is the Dems and 40-1 some cure for Covid 19. I'll take a 45-1 on shining a light bulb up your backside to cure Covid.

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