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Transcripts that prompted FBI to deem Flynn possible Russian agent declassified

Transcripts that prompted FBI to deem Flynn possible Russian agent declassified

Referring to the transcripts that were just declassified and given to Congress, the Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley, stated, ’The American people, after nearly three and a half years, can now see with their own eyes-for the first time-that the evidence against Lt. General Michael Flynn, that Rosenstein and the Mueller team went to great lengths to keep hidden, was totally bunk.

Norris Griffin
Norris Griffin
Stephen 4 months

Not only was Flynn trying to calm down Russia from Obama's actions, Flynn was trying to partner with Russia to fight Muslim extremists! That's the most explosive part of all this. That's the reason the Obama admin was listening in. Flynn has been trying to undo Obama's middle east policy from the start and THAT'S why Obama himself targeted Flynn.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 4 months

I read all of the transcripts. Flynn did absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, he was pushing for things to stay as cool as they could. He was absolutely unjustly attacked by the FBI. There better be some heads rolling for this hit job.

Joshua 4 months

The guy was actively working against the current POTUS and offering incentives to help a candidate get elected. He was requesting this from someone attacking our elections, and our allies’ as well as trying to undermine national unity all over the world. I guess this isn’t reason because we didn’t declare it an actual war?

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