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Vietnam officials claim that they did not wait for the guidelines from WHO

Vietnam officials claim that they did not wait for the guidelines from WHO

Pham Quang Thai, the Deputy Head of the Infection Control Department stated that they used the data gathered from outside and inside (the country to) decide to take action early. He added that they ignored China’s claim that the virus could not spread from human-to-human transmission and followed strict quarantining before the first case was reported. Flights to and from China were also halted.

Don'tbackNV 5 months

Simple, lying.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 5 months

"Temperature screenings were enacted at the airports in early January for passengers arriving from Wuhan, China, the virus epicenter." - with asymptomatic transmission, this is a theatrical measure to make people feel good. Quarantine works, but WHO & CCP will call you a racist.

GT... 5 months

Maybe they doesn't count "death with COVID-19", just "death BY COVID-19", which may be actually zero.

Ben 5 months

China "allowed" 4 million people to travel out of china since January...what a surprise that NY, Iran, Italy, etc. were all hit by the virus cleanly. Vietnam was smart, they have learned to ignore the CCP the last 60 years and now watch them prosper! MOve all our asia business to there and avoid the CCP altogether. Hong Kong falling, rebuild the financial center elsewhere...Hanoi?

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