Mayor walks back statement that all arrested protesters were from out of state

Mayor walks back statement that all arrested protesters were from out of state

St. Paul, Minnesota, Mayor Carter said Saturday that all protesters arrested in his city were from out of state. ’Every single person we arrested last night, I’m told, was from out of state’, Carter said at a press conference. However, later in the evening, the mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis and MN Gov. Tim Walz walked back remarks. Arrest records show 86% are from MN.

Joshua Green
Joshua Green 0 months

So a planned deflection towards the non-violent part of the political spectrum by government aided by media claiming the right is dangerous and violent while excusing leftist purposeful rioting as justified for ReAsOns. Even though the violence is exclusively from the left the blame must be attributed elsewhere and claim that looting and pillaging of neighborhoods equates necessary protest against injustice. Right, so the 1A and 2A protestors a month ago were dangerous and caused fear with armed but non-violent demonstrations... Anyone else seeing a planned diversion from Obamagate, the dragging out of quarantine by leftist governors to prolong suffering and reduce the economic rebound, and Trump’s rising popularity in polls against the senile old man they have chosen as a placeholder for a hard leftist VP?

The 0 months

How dumb are these mayor's? All they gotta do is put out a statement that peaceful protests are to be held in the morning and anyone caught protesting,looting or destroying property at night will be arrested .

John W
John W 0 months

Video White antifa dude breaking AutoZone windows before starting fire. Black kid trying to stop him.

Seekster 0 months

Imagine my shock.

Samuel 0 months

Fake news, numbers are about 12-15% from out of state

Steve Says
Steve Says 0 months

Does this mean that they let the locals keep on looting without being arrested?

Ben 0 months

too funny...who got to him?

Barry 0 months

The live videos I just saw show white guys breaking into stores while black people yelling at them to stop. Either way something fishy

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