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Trump lauds Secret Service after confrontation with protesters

Trump lauds Secret Service after confrontation with protesters

President Trump came out in praise of the Secret Service after the White House went on lockdown Friday owing to protests over the death of George Floyd. Trump said with the Secret Service officers he ’couldn’t have felt more safe’. In a tweet, Trump added that were the protesters to have breached the WH fence, ’they would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons’.

Seekster 3 months

Those barricades and fences are to protect protesters from the secret service. The secret service protects the President.

O'Brien 3 months

Disappointed they didn’t. Walmart should fill their stores with these vicious dogs and ominous weapons.

NeverMetTheGuy 3 months

Why is EVERYTHING Trump's fault? Can we just analyze that?

Edmond_Dantes 3 months

Turns out rioting in front of the WH can be bad for your health... dumbasses...

Will 3 months

What does Trump think this is? Fighting violence with violence will create more violence. He is a manchild in a suit "running" a world power. The stupid Americans that follow his cult have been brainwashed by this Orange's propaganda.

Manuel 3 months

The president of the United States threatening his people with violence because they are doing one of the most American acts: Civil disobedience. What would the pro 2nd ammendment people say if these protesters instead of protesting peacefully brought their guns because they felt threatened by their government? Is it their right? Or are they the bad guys and the government the good guys?

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 months

Isn't that a federal offense breaching the Whitehouse grounds?. Who would be stupid enough to try and breach the WH grounds and face jail time and hefty fines. Oh wait! There are people who are stupid enough to try it. Lol

Stephen 3 months

Given how much Vox has gotten wrong lately, I'm not sure I'm going to trust their take on this one without some compelling evidence.

Burger 3 months

Ominous weapons? What do the have, sharks with frickin lasers?

Barry 3 months

Ominous weapons.. that's the stuff they got from Roswell

wazzy75 3 months

Why is Trump a republican president getting hate for what happened in the jurisdiction held by a democrat governor?

Elaine 3 months

Yeah, and if re-elected, we won't slip into dictatorship. The writing is on the wall.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 3 months

It would be easy to verify, there will have been plenty of cameras. So no written evidence or statements are required. If they were there, then show the footage. All vox has is "he said she said". Just demonstrate their presence and then deny what Trump says you told him.

Decoy 3 months

It is amazing to me that after all the peaceful protests were ignored over the years and the rise of anger at inaction leads to these escalations, American leadership's response is to stubbornly double-down on treats to kill citizens rather than work to enact change. When white protesters infiltrate a government building with firearms to protest lockdowns, Trump tweets support and tells everyone to give in to the demands. When black people MIGHT do the same, he threatens death.

Rob 3 months

the Orange Turd is a coward

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 3 months

I don’t know why but I just imagine after the secret service heard this they fired all the none vicious dogs and spray painted the world ominous on all there guns

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 3 months

Dogs with bees in their mouth

cjack 3 months

Most of you really didn’t listen to rage against the machine and it shows.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 3 months

You can't take us all out. And if you do kill protesters you are acting just like tiananmen square incident when the chines fired on protesters. That's the direction trump is going. I do not support a Nazi Leader who hails Hitler. Just remember he wanted his people to be just the Nazis and obey his orders without a second thought.

Jack 3 months

Ouch. That’s gonna look bad in hindsight.

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