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Trump ’didn’t give me an opportunity to even speak’, says Floyd’s brother

Trump ’didn’t give me an opportunity to even speak’, says Floyd’s brother

George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, revealed in an interview that he received a condolence call from President Trump. He stated that Trump ’didn’t give him the opportunity to even speak.’ Philonise lamented that the President seemed least interested in hearing about what he had to say and later in the interview expressed the grief over the loss of his brother.

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 4 months

Probably bc he saw an American murdered by a thug cop, and you saw a black man murdered by a white cop. There are some ratios you wont like if you play that game, less race baiting and Marxian cultism, the more likely cooperation will lead to reform in the interests of justice.

skrappjaw 4 months

Release the transcript/audio. Emotions are a helluva thing in the moment. We have no idea what was said on that call. I think all of us feel bad for Georges family and want justice, but this story will only be used against Trump and for the race baiting game that people like Sharpton play. Sad.

Maesterfully 4 months

How about publically condemning the violent rioters who use your brother's excuse to destroy the city, or could it be that you *actually* agree with them? No way!

Mutatis 4 months

Meh, I can see Trump dominating a conversation, as he seems to do that by habit. That being said, this brother has been interviewed multiple times by multiple news companies at this point, so I am not terribly concerned over his notion that he did not have a chance to speak.

intherough 4 months

So, the family hired Dr. Baden to do a second autopsy, cuz the first one showed he didn't die of suffocation. The autopsy shows he had a heart condition, and referenced any potential intoxicants in his system. I'm sure the restraint didn't help, but it didn't cause it. There is no way for police to know anyone's health status when responding to a call. And then ya got the 911 call saying he wasn't in control of himself, saying he was very drunk. This is just tragic for all involved.

Ben 4 months

It was a condolence call by the US President. It was a not an interview and his brother doesn't always get to tell the president what he thinks...sorry, get in line with everyone else. DJT is not the most empathic man at that desk, if you haven't learned that in these last years, then you haven't been paying attention. I'm not a fan personally, but he is who he is and he is our President, act accordingly.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

I'm sorry for your loss, but c'mon man, how is this news.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 4 months

I'm so tired of people making excuses for Trump's lack of empathy or caring for the American people. Any other president would have listened to the brother and his feelings of pain. Look at the two different impressions the brother expressed between his conversations with Biden and Trump. Trump IS NOT a leader, he's an antagonist.

Jack 4 months

Crazy how you can depress someone’s neck with your knee and kill them and some people will say it was a heart condition..? You can live with a heart condition.

BumperCar 4 months

OK. I'll give them that. Trump probably fucked up this one. Better luck next time... because there always will be a "next time".

Fin 4 months

Hear you... He used u for an news op... Don t give him the satisfaction... Just honor your brother and tell folks to stop the violence using your brothers murder as a excuse... Ur moms right it is homicide the intent clear n the other three doing nothing ex cops are accessories to your brothers death.

John W
John W 4 months

Yea I'm sure he wanted 2 hours of orange man bad comments. Video White antifa dude breaking AutoZone windows before starting fire. Black kid trying to stop him.

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