Trump postpones G7 meeting, calls for expansion

Trump postpones G7 meeting, calls for expansion

US president Donald Trump has postponed the G7 meeting, previously scheduled for June, due to the health risks of the ongoing pandemic. The president has also proposed adding Russia, Australia, South Korea and India, stating that the current group is ’very outdated’ and does not represent the world of today. Current members are the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK.

Sami F
Sami F
Seekster 0 months

He has a point, the world economy has changed since G7 was formed. At least invite India.

BumperCar 0 months

Welp, replacing Germany with India would be a good idea. India is a much more meaningful and influential player. Their culture also is better... or at least didn't cause two world wars and history's worst genocide while stealing riches from its neighbors for a couple hundred years.

Ethan 0 months

I can understand adding South Korea, Australia, and India, but Russia was kicked out back in 2014 because of the invasion of Ukraine and the annexasion of Crimea, and permentaly left back in 2017. Bet you all that Trump just wants to see his "buddy" again.

not the 1%
not the 1% 0 months

factual headline should read..... old german chick becomes first euro woman in history to say no to Trump - - - trumps brain cell explodes

yuckycrumpet 0 months

He’s simply looking for new allies. As he knows most current G7 countries laugh at him. Plenty of video evidence of that.

Don R. Wetter
Don R. Wetter 0 months

There you have it: Trump is just a baby again. "Outdated" Only thing outdated is his brain. How about using some disinfect via needle, perhaps?

Douggie 0 months

Why add Russia?


Russia and America along with India japan South Korea and others can stop China from destroying humanity's future. 666=China

Thomas 0 months

“Due to the health risks”... No. The world leaders don’t feel comfortable traveling to the US among all of the anarchy that is happening across the entire country.

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