Ilhan Omar says protests valid, destruction is not

Ilhan Omar says protests valid, destruction is not

MN Rep. Omar said Sunday it’s hard walking the line between ’extreme aggression’ in confronting injustice and avoiding burning down cities as people protest. She attributed much of the destruction to people ’not interested in protecting black lives.’ Setting fires risks the community that people claim to be standing for.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged
Doug 1 months

Not all cops are murderers. Not all protesters are violent black bloc arsonists, vandals, looters. We can't let anarchists hijack peaceful protest, righteous calls for justice!

IvoryDove 1 months

NBC News refers to "Protests" as they view "riots". They stir up anger with lies and distortions.

Dexman 1 months

I Agree with Omar!

The 1 months

I'm enjoying these cities trashing themselves it just shows me how low we as a society have fallen. Civility is out the window. If people want to revert back to the olden times and act like savages these cities mayor's should NOT rebuild anything and just let it sit as a reminder of how stupid people can be.

Dave 1 months

I suggest no politician or celebrity knows what the working class have to deal with.

Carol 1 months

Some of the destruction is being caused by "police" who are being sent into certain areas! They're causing destruction as if they are with BLM.

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