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China and Iran encourage unrest within US as tit-for-tat for recent conflicts

China and Iran encourage unrest within US as tit-for-tat for recent conflicts

Chinese FM spokesperson is referring to US riots as ’a beautiful sight to behold,’ a mocking jab at US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who last year called the Hong Kong demonstrations ’beautiful sights to behold’. Officials from Iran, which has also had their own protest situations encouraged by US politicians in the past, are also taking advantage of the opportunity to hit back at the US.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait
Timothy 5 months

It’s very easy to criticise Trump but not very wise. I’m not a US citizen and even though I’ve served in my own Armed Forces I have benefitted from the protection of a US funded war machine and it’s brave soldiers all my life. I’ve lived free in Europe, been able to travel and work overseas because of the funding the US puts behind the global community into organisations such as the UN. I am protected from the stupidity of the climate change forum that wish to decimate the global economy not by my own government but by the only world leader willing to call out that stupidity. I am grateful the US is calling out Russia while Germany sell their independence by doing deals for energy with them and the French sell naval vessels to them. Im glad Trump and the US are standing up to despots like China, Iran and North Korea, finally recognising that their lack of shared values with us and constant target of our society is an existential threat to us all. A wall to manage a border is essential and especially one across which huge quantities of drugs, weapons and people are being smuggled - borders are good - Orange man good. I am pleased there is a lone voice questioning why people must lose their jobs to low cost labour thousands of miles away. I agree the medicine seems harsh but it’s necessary because globalisation does not work, will never work and must be replaced with something more respectful of the sovereign nation state and the majority of the people’s that live within it.

yuckycrumpet 5 months

Lol. Whole world having a giggle.

Ted Hill
Ted Hill 5 months

I can respect that. Turnabout and all that.

Striker 5 months

Someone's asking to get liberated.

Seekster 5 months

That's right take advantage of this rare opportunity...

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