Floyd family lawyer wants charges against officer upgraded to 1st-degree murder

Floyd family lawyer wants charges against officer upgraded to 1st-degree murder

The lawyer representing the family of George Floyd said he wants the charges against the former Minneapolis officer seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck upgraded from 3rd to 1st-degree murder, as he thinks they knew each other ahead of the incident. Benjamin Crump said that ex-officer Derek Chauvin worked as an off-duty officer at a club where Floyd worked as a security guard— ’so they had to overlap’.

Mutatis 0 months

Meh, they increase the risk of him getting off if they overcharge. Basically, if they have a solid case for the 3rd degree, I am not sure if it is wise to risk it all on the potential of a more severe punishment.

James 0 months

First degree murder (if I remember properly) requires you to have planned to kill the guy (basically, he would have have to have woken up with the plan to kill him or anyone he would have arrested that day). That’s doubtful, and the guy would probably be found not guilty of the charge. You *could* argue for second degree murder, which only requires the intent to kill, but autopsy report doesn’t *really* support that charge to well either (he died of a heart attack, not the knee on the neck). You *might* be able to get felony murder if the technique used is a felony level offense (I have no clue on this one), but manslaughter is the only garunteed charge so far.

Fin 0 months

That's possible... The additional two and one half minutes of pressure after Mr Floyd lost consciousness... The body mechanics of officer with hands in pockets and his feet to allow leverage to rock forward applying more pressure... My guess is most will be second degree as they will make a case defense of in the heat of moment got carried away. Bs but they will use it.. And the try to say the pressure did not cause his death directly... Watch.. They will try a bogus bs defense that belame the victim ie the Jodi arias style defense... That how much a coward that scumbag ex cop is..

_DearJ0hn 0 months

If they are upgraded, then they'll lose... Simple as that. No one could prove that this was premeditated, I.e. no one could proceed 1st degree murder, and thus, get a prosecution.

IIZard 0 months

In common law, you're guilty of murder if you set in motion a chain of events that lead to someone's death. What was the chain of events and who set it in motion? However, with all the riots it doesn't matter anymore.

Hunter 0 months

Hahahahaha and that’s how he gets an innocent verdict.

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