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Tanker truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway, driver arrested

Tanker truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway, driver arrested

A tanker truck drove through a crowd of thousands of people demonstrating on a shut-down interstate in Minneapolis Sunday in response to the death of George Floyd sending protesters scattering before coming to a stop. The protesters dragged the driver from the cabin and beat him up. The driver was taken to hospital for minor injuries and is under arrest. No protester was injured in the incident.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 3 months

So the driver was driving on a designated road, hit someone trying to block traffic, was dragged from his vehicle, beaten unconscious, hospitalized then arrested. Yep, that's America today.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

“That’s the same kind of malice that brought us here,” Valle added. “It’s a callous disregard for someone’s humanity.”........then the “peaceful protestors “ pulled the driver from the truck and beat the humanity out of him. Irony anyone?

Timothy 3 months

It’s not a protest, it’s a full blow riot happening because there will always be an element of the left wing that wants to pull the wheels off the bus. Of course they will dress it up and point to an innocent man who was killed by a malicious cop, they will brand it, use it to create a narrative that they believe justifies widespread public disorder but the only thing they really want to do is create anarchy, discord and disharmony mostly because their sad little lives don’t fit the rest of society and they see no reason why they should conform.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

Black privilege: Being able to wear all black or be black and shut down major highways and beat working class citizens, as well as destroy massive amounts of property with little to no consequences. 🤔

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

@IIZard and moralkombat I have come back to this story 3 times giving your posts a thumbs up.... each time I come back it’s reading 0. Just sayin, something weird.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 months

They should give him the best laywer and fight this up to the Supreme court if neccessary. If "Protesters" are going to choose to block the road so long as you give sufficent warning(honking horn/reving engine) you should be able to drive through with no repercussions you want to protest leave it off the streets.

.Tet. 3 months

People are retarded. My thoughts are reeling with questions and comments like: • Why was the highway shut down for protestors rather than shutdown to protestors? • If the highway was shut down at a reasonable distance, this truck driver wouldn't have any possible motive to go down this particular interstate and run people over. Basically, where along the highway was it shut down, and how long before the incident was it shut down? • I couldn't find laws or regulations regarding Semis and 18 wheelers on Minneapolis highways, which is strange, but I'm 90% they are close to the King of the Highway as you can get when it comes to accident cases. • Why did Minneapolis allow a highway to get shut down for any time longer than necessary to break apart the protest on the highway? Highways are one of the United States biggest deals right now, given the pandemic. Transporting the minimum amount of goods/resources we have is the only thing keeping our country from slipping faster. Basically why wasn't this handled before this incident happened? • I'm pretty sure obstructing a highway is a criminal act. Pulling someone out of a vehicle and stomping them definitely is. Regardless of whether or not this was organized, this should warrant arresting every protestor there. • The driver being arrested definitely seemed necessary. You need to be a conscientious driver when trucking, and hitting the break that late is definitely gonna be held against him. He won't have any excuses either. Even if he claims he was tired, that would be used against him as well due to the regulations they have to follow. • From what little I could see and based on common sense, there was plenty of distance without obstructed vision to be able to see that crowd. The fact he got caught up in it is certainly his problem. And the most important: Once violence and illegal activity happens during a protest, one could easily argue it becomes a riot or a mob. These protesters are thoroughly screwed if the higher ups in Minneapolis wants to get serious.

AD C 3 months

Trying to shut down a highway is incredibly dangerous. I've had my breaks give out and I've had to drive off the road to avoid hitting some kids. I can honestly say if that happened on a highway full of people, I'd have better chances of winning the lottery than not running anyone over. Accidents will happen with these highway shut downs it's just a matter time and frequecy.

yuckycrumpet 3 months

Don’t think driver meant any harm. Just got a nasty surprise after crusing along a major road with no traffic anywhere and not maybe think there’s a reason for that.

Matt 3 months

They shouldn't have been in the road it's their own fault besides it's not like they actually have any reason to protest anymore the officer was arrested and charged with murder before this happened

Rocky 3 months

We should start a bail and medical expenses fund like antifa and the celebs do. This whole thing is so stupid and without and sense of passion or goals. Just pathetic as far as "protests" go. It's not half bad as far as riots go. If they think they are going to pivot to the suburbs they will be in for a nasty surprise. We organize out here quite well and from what I'm hearing it will be more of a shoot first sort out the bodies after kinda thing.

WWG1WGA 3 months

If you block a road you 100% should be ran over. Sidewalks are for ppl not the road. I'm not ever stopping

User Inactive
User Inactive 3 months

Wow, look at all these posts saying he should have outright run over people meanwhile mine was removed for stating that if one should find their vehicle being mobbed they shouldn't stop and risk being pulled from their vehicle. People call for vehicular manslaughter and their posts remain, I say you should keep pulling forward (at a slow speed giving people the chance to disperse) until you're free of the people climbing on your vehicle and trying to bash in your windows and my comment is the one that removed.... No censorship my ass Newsvoice is just like the rest. 😑

Fin 3 months

Designated or not clear road was obstructed and he used his multiton vehicle as a weapon... N clearly fails the reasonable standard.. He is lucky only arrested and still alive.. Ppl have a right to defend themselves against such blatant crap... And those looting and rioting needed to be identified n arrested..

tenoclock 3 months

He should have never stopped.

TiGe3 3 months

I wonder how many minutes it would take the US to deploy an army into any given country that does this and it's not ally with them )))) Hypocrisy classes from US these days. Master classes.

Cody 3 months

Should have ran over a few

Seekster 3 months

Why did the driver stop?

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