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China warns India to stay away from China US rivalry

China warns India to stay away from China US rivalry

Chinese state media Global Times cautions India that it has little to gain from engaging in a US-China conflict over any topic, with more to lose than gain. Several areas along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh and Sikkim have seen major military build-up by both the Indian and Chinese armies, in a clear signal of escalating tension and hardening of positions by the two sides.

Seekster 2 months

It sounds to me like China is worried about close relations between India and the USA.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

China does not like being put in its place, this is just like when you take a petulant child to time out, so they push someone over on their way to the corner.

Kalki 1 months

Countries that’s got problem with China 1. The British 2. Britons slave nation ie India 3. Other British colony ie United States 4. American incorporated company ie Australia 5. And the stoned America ie Canada 6. Taiwan...dunno if it’s an independent country or just capitalist China Pretty much all the English speaking countries I guess...and the media is like all the WORLD is against China... when it’s just the English speaking countries really. Countries that back China African countries Russia The Middle East European countries Most south east nation countries All countries bordering India

Gaurav 2 months

China is doing what it does best .... Creating problem for the world

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