China issues warning to US regarding Hong Kong

China issues warning to US regarding Hong Kong

China officials issued a retaliation warning to the US on Monday. Any U.S. attempt to counter Chinese interests in regard to Hong Kong will result in strong retaliatory measures. This warning comes after the U.S. took steps to sanction China and remove Hong Kong’s special status last week.

MakeNewsVoice GreatAgain
MakeNewsVoice GreatAgain 0 months

World issues warning to China.” Fuck up, cunts”.

tim 0 months

Sorry for Hong Kong But China made it happen. Dealing with China and the CCP is bad business there days. Hopefully it will become better

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 0 months

Sounds like a good time for anyone and everyone living in Hong Kong to get the hell out. Any companies with investments in Hong Kong should begin shifting to other countries and dumping their property while they still can. Rule of law and the concept of ownership of property now mean nothing in HK.

James 0 months

The US military's just going to sink their Navy you know they're pushing their luck they don't know who they are dealing with the nothing but a bunch of punks don't have the experience United States military is untouched the naval power is unmatched We could sink when they're carries less than an hour and most of their Fleet and they have nothing compared to what we have the Firepower any of that and will drop them like flies stupid They caused it They caused it Now back it up Put up or shut up as we say

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