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Biden awards first Medal of Honor to Korean War Veteran

Biden awards first Medal of Honor to Korean War Veteran

President Biden has awarded the first Medal of Honor in his administration to Col. Ralph Puckett, a veteran of the Korean War. The ceremony was also attended by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who was in Washington to attend a summit. Puckett received the medal for acts of gallantry, namely an instance where he drew enemy fire in order for his rangers to locate and destroy enemy positions.

James 4 weeks

As the only article listed that is about the headline is from the Huffpost, which isn’t even worth wiping my backside with. I’ll move on and ask about the photo that is with this post. Is that an actual ear piece in biden’s ear?! Is he really being fed answers during press conferences?

John 4 weeks

Not necessarily a comment on this story, but I recently watched the documentary series Medal of Honor on Netflix. I thought it was interesting that they chose not to include Mary Walker who is the only woman recipient thus far. Maybe season 2? Regardless, it was a very enlightening, binge-worthy production. These folks deserve recognition and our utmost respect.

Neil 4 weeks

What an honor! To have such a medal bestowed upon you by the most spineless worthless leader in political history

edwin 4 weeks

Hmm, one of the few to be issued a proper Medal of Honor under a Democrat president in the last 30 years. Guess they wanted a good first impression. Either way, good on the Ranger.

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