Japan city aims to ban phone use while walking

Japan city aims to ban phone use while walking

Officials in the Japanese city of Yamato near Tokyo submitted a Bill to the city assembly to stop people from using their phones while walking. ’The number of people using smartphones has rapidly increased and so (has) the number of accidents’, a city official said. A 2014 research by NTT Docomo estimated a pedestrian’s field of vision while staring down at a smartphone is 5% of the normal.

Sloth 1 months

I would love this...but I would want it to be voluntary. Drives me insane when people with giant headphones walk aimlessly down the street while watching tik tok. I wanted to stage a video of long distance shots of people slapping phones out of people's hands and get that picked up as a trend by stupid media in order to change this behavior. But I am lazy.

.Tet. 0 months

Sounds reasonable to me. So long as they make sure each action is specific, like: Staring at screen, not OK. Listening to music with ear buds, OK. This may increase general traffic though. Pedestrian and vehicular.

Fred Armstrong
Fred Armstrong 0 months

Make speaker phone in public illegal. Karen I could give two fucks about your conversation wi th kinda over who Sharon is banging this week

Unkars Thug
Unkars Thug 0 months

Does this include listening to stuff while walking?

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 0 months

I'd back it!

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