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Microsoft sacks 27 journalists to replace them with AI

Microsoft sacks 27 journalists to replace them with AI

Microsoft has laid off dozens of journalists, replacing them with AI. Around 27 staff members who maintain the news on MSN and Edge browser have been told that they will no longer be required. One of the laid off staffers said the decision was risky, as the existing staff were careful to stick to ’very strict editorial guidelines’ to ensure users were not presented with inappropriate content.

Max Bants
Max Bants 4 months

Learn to code 3: Revengeanc3

F G 4 months

Very soon the propaganda activists masquerading as 'journalists' will realise how obsolete they have become. Good. Better learn to code

Bernice 4 months

Just wondering, how will AI write the news? Will it be based on already available sources? Like a news aggregate?

Xienna 4 months

This is the exact scenario Andrew Yang was predicting. Pretty soon most of jobs in America will be replaced by AI and self serving Supermarkets, Restaurants, hotels, etc. Too bad we got Biden.

Jason S Savitt
Jason S Savitt 4 months

When you tell unemployed miners to learn to code, so they create an AI to replace you.

Ellen 4 months

Well robots can’t be worse. Perhaps it will force these lefty journals to get a real job and do some proper work. That should knock some of the lefty shit out of them.

Stacy 4 months

I'm wondering why it took this long; news is just regurgitated information on separate platforms, all approved by the circus in charge anyway.

Braces4Impact 4 months

These are exactly the types of jobs getting replaced by artificial intelligence. Many people don't realize how many articles they read each day that aren't even penned by a human being, but a computer. Other areas where AI is showing better job performance than humans is reading laboratory tests and images, researching legal contract and questions, and so on. Include these statistics with those from the transportation industry once driving jobs are outsources to machines and we're talking massive unemployment - easily the likes were seeing now with covid-19.

tunit20 4 months

Hard to tell the difference these days anyway. But this is the endgame of capitalism, destruction of the working class.

Robert 4 months

Hell the majority of you posting responses are robots. Soon it will be robots writing for robots.

Mr. Apple Tree
Mr. Apple Tree 4 months

Turns out they did need to learn to code after all

Change Matters
Change Matters 4 months

Now we don't have to worry about those pesky low level humans controlling the narrative... Our narrative can be better controlled from the top.

NeverMetTheGuy 4 months

At least there may be intelligence now.

EnricoLudo 4 months

Microsoft and Bill Gates awful agenda!

Thomas 4 months


Turbolift 4 months

Well at least with robots all doubt is removed that they've been programmed...

tim 4 months

MSN still around

TheLibCon 4 months


OmegaDMM 4 months

So does this mean journalists will need to "Learn to code"?

Kai 4 months

The people that Micro$oft needs to be replacing are the 🤡s that do the Win10 updates! ANY kind of intelligence would be an improvement there! 🙄

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