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Protests over George Floyd’s death spread to New Zealand

Protests over George Floyd’s death spread to New Zealand

Thousands of New Zealanders marched from Auckland’s city center to the American embassy Monday carrying signs with messages such as ’Be kind’, in a protest against the death of the unarmed black man in Minnesota. The crowds at one place took to their knees in a symbolic gesture of apology. PM Ardern said that she was ’horrified’ by the man’s death, and welcomed peaceful protests in solidarity .

F G 3 months

Absolutly pathetic. No relevance what so ever to that country. Feels like NZ Is a new liberal stronghold on that side of the map, under the latest labour/communist government.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

Starting to realize the world wouldn't be in such a mess if y'all had jobs.

IvoryDove 3 months

And yet China has no such protests.... It's almost as if they're benefitting again by events.

O'Brien 3 months

You’re embarrassing yourself Kiwis. Utter cringe from the Horse Godess of Displayed Virtue and her stable hands.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 3 months

Virtue? Where for art thou Virtue?

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 3 months

Yes Ardern didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that she had level two social distancing rules completely flouted by these clowns whilst business owners struggle to make a living running half full cafes and commuters watch half full buses drive past them . But hey protesting about the death of a man on the other side of the world caused by a guy already charged with it is easily good enough reason to stand by and allow this. The NZ public are not amused. When challenged she claimed it was a Police matter but her reluctance to condemn it is being seen by many as condoning it . Starting to look like a hypocrite and many people starting to feel like they are being taken as mugs

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 3 months

Arfern is 'horrified' that a man who was jailed for 5 years for a violent home invasion where a woman was beaten savagely and where he pressed a gun to her stomach got his just reward for a lifetime of crime? I thought she was a feminist? These crazy sjws have absolutely ZERO principles. They are entirely driven by contradiction and hatred.

JustATroll 3 months

But why? Maybe they should do some Hong Kong protests, too!

Brian 3 months

Level 2 lock down still in effect in NZ says "Am I a joke to you"

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