Biden vows to fight institutional racism as he meets black leaders in Delaware

Biden vows to fight institutional racism as he meets black leaders in Delaware

Joe Biden on Monday pledged to take steps to combat institutional racism and reestablish a police oversight body at the DOJ, should he be elected in November, as he spoke with African American leaders in Delaware’s Bethel AME Church. The group offered critical feedback to the former VP with some saying that Biden’s role in passing the 1994 crime bill makes some young blacks skeptical of him.

Bryan_with_a_why 0 months

If there is institutional racism, it's due in part to legislation that Biden passed. Why would people trust him (or any politician really) to fix it?

Marcos 0 months

OK, I'm not American and have no right to say you on who teu must vote. I follow your elections because I like to study and analyse international politics and also because obviouslly American politics have an impact on all the world. But someone must say it, then excuse me, didn't you guys notice this man is senile? Man, when I hear him speaking I honestly doubt he will be standing or even alive next year.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 0 months

Biden walking into the meeting "hello my fellow negroes!" For real now, are people so naive to fall for this type of basic phony political ploy?

Dunkin 0 months

He doesn't know where he is standing. The issue is not institution racism, the issue that the Police system was never meant to help the poor and vulnerable, it was meant to protect the oligarchs.

loopdoop 0 months

Hey vows to fight institutional racism with black leaders that he deems to be 'truly' black then?

JMMA-Z 0 months

But he is an admitted racist himself!?

F G 0 months

He can't find his way to the toilet let along deal with relevant issues in the US

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