Rush Limbaugh, black host battle over claims of ’white privilege’

Rush Limbaugh, black host battle over claims of ’white privilege’

Rush Limbaugh joined Charlamagne tha God to discuss Floyd’s death, prompting a debate that involved the black host calling Limbaugh ’delusional’ for saying white privilege doesn’t exist. When Limbaugh called Floyd’s death sickening, the host asked him ’How are you going to use your privilege as a white male to combat this prejudice?’Limbaugh replied saying that he doesn’t ’buy into the notion’.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 0 months

I only ever listened to Charlemagne in little snippets when Democrat presidential candidates went on this show. Having listened to him here in longer format, I have to realise he is just another person using race hustling for personal gain!

TheCurrentModality 0 months

CTG had a great oppurtunity to speak to people who would normally never hear him. He could have started a consteuctive dialog. He decided to use that chance to be condescending and dismissive. It was disappointing.

Shane 0 months

The Huffington Post should not be linked here as a legitimate news source. It’s all biased op-ed pieces about news stories.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 0 months

Listened to it and it's the same its everyone else's fault by the 3 vs 1 to interview. Nothing really informative in it except to see that if the black community doesn't get special privileges which they already get many its it's still somehow muh oppressed and muh white privilege

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