Several Employees angry after Facebook takes no action on contested Trump posts

Several Employees angry after Facebook takes no action on contested Trump posts

After Twitter fact-checked Trump tweets about mail-in voting, another platform containing Trump social media, Facebook, is in the spotlight for not taking any action on Trump posts on the platform. In response, several Facebook employees have called out CEO Mark Zuckerberg for not committing to the truth. Several employees are staging protests and walkouts to show their anger.

Be Better, BuzzFeed
Be Better, BuzzFeed
MF 0 months

Hey Facebook geeks, you don’t need to do a virtual walk out, or whatever you all call it. Just vote, or run for office. No one cares about your little protest. Your state is going blue regardless. If your protest is in any way relevant, it only proves that Mark is right and your platform is the digital town square the right says it is.

Mutatis 0 months

Just fire these people. It is one thing to disagree with company policy, and perhaps voice complaints internally or quit if you feel strongly enough. Yet, bad mouthing the company publicly is absurd, and shows a lack of respect that should just not be accepted by any employer.

6Million$Mansplainer 0 months

Stop employing activists. Simple. Once the demand for regressive purple haired he-she activoids evaporates, colleges will have to improve the quality of graduate they send into the world.

Gerald 0 months

WTF are these snowflakes complaining about? You probably get paid a shitload of money, have great perks in the office, but you can't tolerate another person's point of view. I'm not of fan of Zuckerberg, but I support FB not censoring the President. Either be a platform or a publisher...make a choice

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Who cares what Facebook employees think? Thier job is to provide a platform, not decide what gets said on it.

Roadhog 0 months

Time for them to start updating their resumes.

Goi 0 months

Go make your own social media platforms Commie geeks. Don't try to DICTATE SuckerBorg how to run his company

Nicole 0 months

Mark is allowing a great deal of hate to be displayed throughout his platform! Yes, I understand the freedom of speech but this is spreading hate which is dividing the country right now. If this does not change, quickly, I will shut down my account!

Steve 0 months

How about all the "truths" the Democrats mank up? Why no outrage over that?

IIZard 0 months

Walkouts? They're working from home...

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

"Suppress the language I don't like or else I'll be upset"

lashed 0 months

So Zuckerberg allows social media to be soci media, and his employees want to become a publisher.

CommanderVaasDC 0 months

Literally zucker is in the right for this stance lol.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

Fire them.

Delterra 0 months

No surprise there Facebook is going to lose a lot of it's primary customer base which is fine. That's why America is still a good place to be, we can choose not to support platforms that go against our views and beliefs. Hate to hold stock in n the company right now though

Goi 0 months

Commies geeks.


It's simple; Mark does NOT want to lose platform status and thinks this will allow him to continue albiet less on the radar. Zuckerberg is a loathsome androgenous freak.

MF 0 months

Boo boo boo hoo, so sorry the little CA snowflakes are so unhappy, but so glad they are willing to put their clearly empirical political bias on display for the whole world to see

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 0 months

Shut down trump. All he knows how to do is lie to the American ppl

F G 0 months

I wonder if these people actually exist or if the corrupt media is just making them up...

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