Trump considering a move to invoke Insurrection Act

Trump considering a move to invoke Insurrection Act

President Trump is considering invoking the Insurrection Act that would allow him to deploy active-duty US troops to respond to protests in cities. The act was last invoked during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. Under the act, governors can ask that the federal government send active duty troops to help in cases of civil unrest. So far, no governor has requested the same.

porcus 0 months

Leftist asstrumpets keep escalating the violence and rhetoric, and will scream once Trump responds to their antics with force. It will be completely on them when it happens.

Turk 0 months

Yes. Do it.

Rhokanth 0 months

Leftists: Trump isn't doing anything. Also Leftists: TRUMP CAN'T DO THAT

edwin 0 months

Technically it is within the oath of service. The damage these looters and rioters is doing is severe enough and wide spread enough to count as a domestic threat to the nation.

Antony-John 0 months

Look who is using national security law to suppress dissents? Trump is the real Chinese puppet, as Ivanka Trump has enormous business interest in China.

Carol 0 months

I didn't see him doing that when his "alt-right" groups were holding "Democratic" governor's hostage with military weapons?!!

John 0 months

This is how he starts his final grab for power - put the country under marshal law and then shut down the elections. After that he'll throw out congress and apoint himself "God's Chosen Leader" for life. Say hello to nazi amerika.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 0 months

Trump is the reason why things have gotten so bad. If he didn't spew the racism on national TV then we probably wouldn't have the problems that are going on now.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

Good, now that these are clearly violent riots and looting, this would be a great idea. Its no long a peaceful protest, and those that do want to protest peacefully are being tarnished by the lunatics causing all this destruction. Hopefully people can look passed the terrible framing of the media, and thing objectively about this.

mykcal 0 months

It’s so passes time that presidents are held criminally responsible for their decisions made while in office.

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