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Twitter takes action against Congressman for allegedly glorifying violence

Twitter takes action against Congressman for allegedly glorifying violence

Twitter placed a tweet from a close political ally of the president behind a warning, citing its policy prohibiting content that promotes violence. The tweet, from Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, suggested the U.S. government ’hunt down’ anti-fascist activists like it would international terrorists. The decision comes days after the social media platform did the same thing to the President.

Pocky 3 months

At least this one insured violence, but I gotta wonder why censor this? I mean I see so many big name left wing people encouraging violent riots and a terrorist organization yet no censorship there.

porcus 3 months

Twitter doubling down on its censorship of the US government; it is going to lose badly.

tsylana 3 months

Not only does it promote violence, it is explicitly calling for the killing, without due process, of people in the US.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 3 months

The term hunt down refers to a man hunt. Not going to the streets and finding members of a certain group and killing them... like ANTIFA is doing. Twitter keeps messing stuff up, I wonder if any ANTIFA accounts are still active?

Akira6968 3 months

It would be so easy. First, stop by CNN, MSNBC, etc and arrest everyone. Next step Guantanamo.

Logan 3 months

I can agree and love to see Twitter start acting more like a publisher than an exempted overglorifoverglorified toy for politicians of all ranges. They should not trample on first amendment rights but must also lock down on people like Donald Trump and other violent extremists.

Mr. Apple Tree
Mr. Apple Tree 3 months

For fuck's sake. A fucking college professor was instructing people on how to tear down the fucking WASHINGTON MONUMENT. It had thousands of likes and RT and Twitter did jack shit. Antifa is a terrorist organization and they should be treated as such.

Big Nate
Big Nate 3 months

I agree. They should hunt them down as terrorists because that's what they are.

Bradford 3 months

WOW, it looks like Matt Gaetz is definitely on russia’s payroll!!

SickOfTribalisem 3 months

Oh twitter.. oh twittttterr... oh twitter... keep it foinf.. keep pocking the bear let us see the result... standing up against thw world's most powerfull goverment tauting that goverment to regulate or tax or.. the life out of you... oh twitter.. (don't get me wrong sure the goverment is limited by the consiturion and.. but theres still so much trump and in generla beurocrats can do... ) oh man don't u just love it when thoes immature imbciles keep pocking the bear expecring ro get away with everything..and here they go again.. sure when it's trump.. he's fairly hated.. (still the president..) but yet again.. "meddeling" in the lack of a better word.. with the goverment

Fin 3 months

The rules never apply to Matt.. But that never stops Matt from screaming his rules should apply to everyone he looks down his nose at.. A bully and a coward and a darling pretty good Ole boy for trump gop cause his daddy had connections to whitewash Matt's indiscressions

Pryotra 3 months

Literally supporting a terrorist organization while censoring American statesmen. At what point can Twitter be held to the same standards as the terrorist organization they openly choose to support?

WWG1WGA 3 months

But Twitter allows all violent terrorists to schedule meets on twitter. BLM is pure violence, Antifa pure violence, and they should be treated as terrorists. They are the exact definition of what a terrorist is plain and simple

User Inactive
User Inactive 3 months

Twitter protects anarcho-communists.

Thelonius 3 months

The summary of this story is missing quotes around the words "anti-fascist." And "hunt down" colloquially means to track and discover. The US and it's allies are pretty good at hunting down terrorists. We've arrested (without killing) tons of them.

Dagoberto 3 months

The root of the problem is racism. Republicans are now saying that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. They are no different than The Nazi Party of Hitler.

MF 3 months

The peaceful protestors are not committing the crimes and must be protected against the antifa types who will accept nothing less than revolution at the expense of others rights, and are genuine domestic enemies of the US constitution

Robby 3 months

If you're anti-anti-fascist... doesn't that make you a fascist?

Decoy 3 months

Hey First and Second Amendment people, where are you? This is the "overthrowing government tyranny" you've been jacking off to.

Richard 3 months

Half of you are glaringly willingly ignorant. Hunt has more than one meaning. To hunt people down in this context doesn't imply violence. You are purposely taking him out of context to fit your agenda. To act like you really believe he meant to imply killing them is purely disingenuous.

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