Tech advocacy group filed lawsuit against Donald Trump over his executive order

Tech advocacy group filed lawsuit against Donald Trump over his executive order

An advocacy group sued Donald Trump on Tuesday due to his executive order that would weaken a law protecting online platforms that label or fact-check his posts. The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), in its lawsuit, claimed that it infringes the First Amendment rights of social media companies. It claimed that the order was issued after Twitter amended one of Trump’s tweets.

Ben Song
Ben Song
AD C 0 months

To simplify the order, "Advocate free speech entirely, or be held liable for every single thing posted on your site." (expand)... A good metaphor I've heard! "It like threatening to burn down every house that doesn't have a fire extinguisher installed." I don't really like the method all too much, but big tech has been getting too many legal privileges and tax breaks by being able to say they were simultaneously a "public forum" & an "editor". Which are two things that should be mutually exclusive. This used to be sort of be a bipartisan issue. Now that Trump has done something about it, it might now longer be a bi-partisan issue. Though last I heard, when Nancy Pelosi was asked for her thoughts on the issue she side-step commenting on Trump's order and said she thought those companies want their tax breaks. Edit: a word

Dee 0 months

Most everything he does is for show... He gassed protestors, including the priests who were in the crowd... To take photos holding up the bible... Which he never read, and probably doesn't know a single verse...

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 0 months

If you read the EO, it neither weakens the law or targets only platforms that fact-check Trump's posts. The fact that they countered his opinion with the opposite opinion and tried to pass that as a fact check was the drop that finally pushed Trump to do what he should've done long ago. And the EO only asks for the law in question to actually be applied correctly, not weaken it.

CommanderVaasDC 0 months

To which twitter then retracted said " fact check." So thwy were wrong and over stepped because of an overzealuous employee with tds and a narrative to push.

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