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Be a ’healer in chief’: Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump

Be a ’healer in chief’: Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi Tuesday called on Trump to be a ’healer in chief’ and not a ’fanner of the flame’ as the nation reels from mass protests over the death of a black citizen. Reading from Bible, Pelosi drew on past presidents — including George Bush speaking in the aftermath of the Rodney King unrest and Obama following the death of Eric Garner — as models of the nation’s leader at a time of crisis.

No Signal
No Signal 4 months

These two abortion loving assholes are judging anyone about religious faith? Fuck them.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 4 months

This woman gives zero shiks about Religion. Trump holding that book actually gave joy to the Christians. Who is she to call it otherwise??

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 4 months

Projection and hypocrisy at the most basic level.

F G 4 months

Term limits

Nivix 4 months

Please lady, put that book down and tend to your chocolate and ice cream, daddy Trump is showing strength.

Scorpio 4 months

Term limits

Don'tbackNV 4 months

Time to stop acting surprised by their MO and doing everything in our power to remove politicians (dem and pubs), federal judges not upholding the law, chicom operatives, deep state, cia, etc....

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

Wow.... That's rich coming from the party of refusing to accept election results for 4 years, among other hypocritical stances on issues

Carol 4 months

Why, is she even asking that? She doesn't care and we don't need her lead.

John W
John W 4 months

What does it say about insider trading in the Bible? How she made her 100 of millions

Stefnir 4 months

Not religious myself but the faith dishonored itself a long time ago.

People 4 months

Holding the bible doesnt take away his racism by bashing the hispanic race. Doesnt take away the brainwashing he did to the right making them think illegal immigrants are only hispanic. That's called creating racism, the bible speaks against it. He can put that down and leave it there cause to top it all off he can barely even read.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 4 months

"Shut up, bitch!" -Dwayne Johnson

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 4 months

'You're not my mom Nancy. Though you are old enough to be.'

Dagoberto 4 months

Lots of racist people here. They sound like the kid who caught his mother in bed with a big Black Man.

Carol 4 months

Is that all the Democrats are concerned enough about to speak up on? people are being "murdered" by the police; protesters are being maimed by police sent by Trump; you guys haven't passed another stimulus to help the poor and downtrodden!!?

WWG1WGA 4 months

But it ok to burn down the church🤔 or i''s ok for Binden to take a knee at a church🤔

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