CanadaIsAlreadyGreat 0 months

Police lives matter.

Nivix 0 months

No left news articles, the media is majorly to blame for our divide, maybe free speech in the hands of liars should be addressed. I don't believe people have the freedom to lie and cultive a divide for profit.

Matt 0 months

These animals rioting, burning down low income housing, burning what small businesses that are left, attacking innocent people and killing cops they should all be put down

Fin 0 months

That's no protestor that's an executioner just looking for a reason... Bet this officer was a son n brother n husband n father.. N friend to many... Better wise up ppl.. Vegas pd is consummated professionals... Who saved you during mgm massacre... Vegas is hard place to police..... This cop deserves justice n respect as do all good cops

Fin 0 months

If you think the subject was out to protest for George Floyd's right to life.... Think again... Used the opportunity to just kill a cop any cop... N would kill any civilian with equal emptiness... Was his intent with or without protesters... Was on the hunt to satisfy his agenda....... And figured he might get away with it.. An opportunistic parasite.......... That was a young cop.. Still learning I a very fast town.... Heart out to his family and fellow cops in Vegas.... Vegas pd don't play n they train train train... The right way... Ever looking to improve and grow as a department.. They only hire the best.. This kid had great promise... N the city gonna miss him

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 0 months

So two cops are dead now not to mention countless others badly wounded.

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