Four police officers injured in St. Louis as protests continue

Four police officers injured in St. Louis as protests continue

Four police officers from St. Louis were injured after they were hit by gunfire during violent protests sparked by the death of George Floyd. The incident comes merely a few hours after President Donald Trump threatened to deploy the military in order to reign in rampant rioting and looting that has spread across the country.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

PeAcFuL PrOtEsTs

Akira6968 0 months

Interesting statistics: about 29% of people shot by police are black, and about 32% of police that are shot are shot by black people. Balanced, as all things should be.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

Unless the media starts publishing the facts and puts the real statistics out to the public to end the narrative that black people are oppressed and and unduly victimized by an unjust system it will never end. This is all happening because of a lie. Continue and it will only get a lot worse.

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

Hong Kong: *Starts riots back up* US: "Let me get that but more pointless"

Fin 0 months

Needs to stop... Put the drones up and get footage to I'd those who are unlawful and instigating violence

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

It was clear that this was not a peaceful protests after the first night. The media needs to stop defending these violent rioters. If you defend this at this point, you need to take a step back and reassess or look in a mirror.

Matthew 0 months

Just a wild idea...shoot back. These stopped being protests a few days ago.

filthynice 88
filthynice 88 0 months

Im sick of hearing the word -protest- Imagine a sweet old ladybsaying "puppy" every time she means to say "snake" Now imagine she worked at a pet store ... Then imagine she's supposed to be a trusted and respected animal professional...

The 0 months

Every city needs to follow LA's example and zip tie everyone that's out past their curfew. Line them up in one area and put them all in busses to get identified and fined . LA dosent play chase.

Matthew 0 months

Great. Now they’re going to start destroying my home state. Can all y’all protesting at least just protest peacefully? All I ask. I agree, as pretty much everyone does, that George Floyd’s killer deserves to be punished, but that process is already starting. I agree the cops who were there also deserve to be punished, but burning cities down won’t make that happen any faster.

WorldUndercurrent 0 months

Maybe the cops should protest against police brutality!.... wait a minute

daryl 0 months

Shit. Union responsible for these situations. Crooks defended by taking others defence council away before they can get to court was common and illegal any time you want I will remind the media

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 0 months

Cool, pass the popcorn!

yuckycrumpet 0 months

Were they black with white shooters? Fake news! Lol

Bill 0 months

Mainstream media will never show this

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