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Probe into treatment of protesters outside White House called for by Schumer

Probe into treatment of protesters outside White House called for by Schumer

Charles Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader of the United States on Tuesday said that the inspector general of the Defense Department ought to probe the treatment of protesters who were protesting outside the White House. Law enforcement countered crowds with tear gas and smoke bombs in order to clear the way so President Trump could go to the Church across the street.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 4 months

Right wingers peacefully protesting are domestic terrorists threatening the governor whereas lefty rioters and looters are protesters. Ok.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 months

"protestors" you mean rioters destroying and defacing national monuments who are causing billions of dollars worth of damages, fixed that for you

Blar 4 months

Why is everyone so upset about the treatment? In other parts of the country the protesters were spray painting "kill the pigs" on walls. They did it in Philly yesterday. Why would any law enforcement let them anywhere near the president? And why do all these articles make it seem like it was Trump's decision to throw out tear gas?

Pigdog5150 4 months

Rioters should be shot. Don't riot. By all means protest, but don't be destroying other people's property.

Crouching Weasel
Crouching Weasel 4 months

Whaaaaa for the poor rioters. The Democrats once again show their complete & utter contempt & disregard for law & order. They’ve all refused to condemn the rioters & now Crying Chuck wants the Government to waste time & money on investigating the treatment of rioters instead of condemning the rioters & demanding that they be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These failures that call themselves America’s leaders have continually fuelled division, participated in race baiting rhetoric & now America is reaping what the Left has sown for over a decade now and they still expect your vote in November. The audacity of these criminals is repugnant.

WWG1WGA 4 months

From what I see they aren't be dealt with harshly enough. Not 1 store should be vandalized in the least, not 1 empty can thrown. Need to arrest on first infraction. They are letting them get away with non stop violence,theft, arson, assault, and even killings now. They need to be dealt with every force of the military we have

OrKos world
OrKos world 4 months

The people around Trump did the right thing. If you are gonna protest right up against the Whitehouse gates then you get what you deserve. Trump is NOT the problem.

Alexandra C
Alexandra C 4 months

Of course it's Shumer trying to use this opportunity for subterfuge. Things are bubbling over and democrats can't waste a crises.

David 4 months

I am all for investigation here is hoping that it is not turned to a political stunt by one party that will ultimately ruin all credibility even if they find any evidence. Not likely.

porcus 4 months

I am totally fine with this probe. We should do it, immediately after probing the 20+ Democrat-controlled cities that have been rioting, along with abusing civil rights. Democrat-controlled cities are rat infested, corrupt, dangerous, crime ridden, gang filled, overflowing with homeless, resurgence of medieval diseases, human feces in the streets, failed pandemic responses, and of course riots and human rights abuses. Stop looking away from their problems and deal with it before trying to solve anything else.

Fin 4 months

In America you have a first amendment right to protest peacefully.. Even up in front of white house.... This isn't Saudi Arabia or China or Russia or turkey..... Or north Korea... If you don't like that people are peacefully protesting as per their civil right to... Then resign cause you clearly do not have any intention to uphold the constitution that you swore to uphold... Nor do you have the tough skin to accept critisim for clear failures and inhumane practices that put your fellow Americans in the morgue.. Do something that shows you can lead more than your cult.... Come Nov we the people not the cult will send you packing

OmegaDMM 4 months

Yet another probe. How many probes have been called for within the last 6 months? Feels excessive.

Thomas 4 months

Personally, I think leaving the church unprotected after what went on the evening before was stupid to begin with. I am happy they moved the protesters

Fin 4 months

Not a single gop senator had the guts or class to comment on king Donald's photo op shenanigans last night... Everyone of em no different then those three cops who abetted Chauvin... Do nothing deny lie... Vote em all out.. Unexceptable cowards

Don'tbackNV 4 months

Time to publicly h@ng schumer pelosi kilary soros and co I'm adopted black autistic transgender so don't infringe on my right to protest!

Nivix 4 months

Let's try and impeach the president a third time! Elite Democrats appear to be acting soulless, it doesn't feel right you know?

Brad 4 months

Leaders who have gassed their own people while hiding in a bunker: Saddam , Adolf, and Trump. Are we great again yet?

Gordon 4 months

My gosh, tear gas and smoke bombs? Were there any survivors?

Doug 4 months

Meanwhile, *yet another* unqualified person nominated for permanent DoD IG job (:-(

IIZard 4 months

Can Chuck schumer find some evidence that indictes Hillary already?

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