Tiger Woods calls for ’honest conversations’ not violent protests

Tiger Woods calls for ’honest conversations’ not violent protests

Tiger Woods released a statement Monday calling the death of George Floyd a ’shocking tragedy’ and urged for peaceful protests. ’I have always had the utmost respect for our law enforcement,’ Woods said. ’This shocking tragedy clearly crossed that line.’ Woods then called the protesters to have an honest and constructive conversations rather than ’burning the very neighborhoods that we live in’.

Starl3ss Kn1ght
Starl3ss Kn1ght 0 months

Go figure. A black man speaks up for peaceful discourse and gets attacked by leftists who all but call him a traitor.

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

I'd bet 99.98% of.people would not participate in this kind of garbage if it wasn't blown out of proportion and fuel added to the fire by media and political opportunists looking to start a coup. It's no surprise that most people do not advocate the violence.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 0 months

He’s obviously a racist white supremcist

F G 0 months

Oh no. Tiger Woods is being a reasonable human being! He must be a w-w-white supremacist! Oh lord, the horror

Seekster 0 months

Good on Tiger. He is a reasonable human being. Nothing can be accomplished on this front with violence.

John W
John W 0 months

This is all postmodernists and power,they are not interested in any conversation. There is no Truth, only power. https://iai.tv/video/between-truth-lies-and-post-truth Post-Truth and Postmodernism Is truth just a construct?


Joe Biden says he's not black.

Hanuman Ishmael
Hanuman Ishmael 0 months


IIZard 0 months

What an evil racist, wanting to "talk." Fascist bigot! Kek

Burger 0 months

There have been “honest conversations” since before Rodney King. I guess we need another 30 years of conversation before something is done?

Brian 0 months

I honestly still don't know. Where the hell have honest conversations gotten us? This shit keeps happening.

Carol 0 months

Tiger Woods doesn't speak on "anythong" for Blacks, remember he's "not" Black!! He doesn't reside in "our" neighborhood.

Carol 0 months

What exactly do you think the protesters were doing in the first place...peaceful protests! This whole other "mess" started when "foreign" ytpepo groups invaded the peacefilled protesters; some are police, some are more than likely Trump's alt-right groups. Wake up people, especially "media reporters!"

Plirgles 0 months

He’s apart of the KKK with Clayton bigsby I hear

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