bobby_5150 4 weeks

He's not censoring the internet. The EO will force social media to decide whether they want to be a platform or a publisher. That's it.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 4 weeks

Now these leftist care about Free Speech

AD C 4 weeks

To clarify, Trump threat is more like; "Advocate free speech entirely or be held liable for everything single thing being posted on your platform" A good metaphor I've heard is; "Threatening to burn down the houses that don't install a fire alarm.'

Fin 4 weeks

All in for free speech.... Not all up when ppl in charge use private platforms to troll in lies that gaslight and mislead and create alternative facts that generate hateful mass movements... While posing as if news.... If you don't like the rules of the private business platform don't use it..

Dee 4 weeks

For real... Trump's actions are unamerica... Censor the internet, he wants to be like China and Russia...

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