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Minnesota files human-rights complaint against Minneapolis police

Minnesota files human-rights complaint against Minneapolis police

The state of Minnesota has launched an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department’s practices and policies over the last decade.The probe will look into whether the MPD has engaged in ’systemic discriminatory practices toward people of color’ over the last 10 years. Minneapolis has seen two major protests over the deaths of two black Americans in just the last five years.

inkogni 3 months

Don't care what happens but if a cop gives you shit just follow the damn orders and try your best not to fight back. They overstep and you sue

User Inactive
User Inactive 3 months

Meanwhile if you're a nine year old white kid playing with a toy gun that looked just a little too realistic an MPD officer may decide to "teach you a lesson" and order you to drop the toy and get on the ground while pointing a real shotgun at you, but hey let's focus on police violence against just "people of color" instead of police violence against just people... wouldn't want something as trivial as racial hypocrisy to spoil a perfectly useful narrative. 🙄

yuckycrumpet 3 months

Biko. Dude that’s such a sorry statement no matter which side of the isle you’re on or whatever your race. Just let them do whatever and let courts decide? That’s a reaction not a solution dude. Back to school with you. Try watching some good 1stA audit videos. Education is a good thing.

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