FourAncientWhiteElephants 0 months

This paid endorsement brought to you by... Isn't he glorifying violence if he says the riots are a duty, in the name of justice? We need a fact check here.

OtaRev 0 months

Let us remember what the Main stream media has forgotten: Protesting is different than rooting and looting. The man has praised the PROTESTS. Which is fine. I am glad we are getting motivated to address Police violence. It's just too bad that it only seems to matter to most if it's a black victim. *sigh* That's fine, I don't care; let's just do something about it. Something being not looting and burning the innocent's possessions.

Fin 0 months

He isn't perfect... But George would never ever sic military nor Feds on peace protestors for photo op reasons nor exploit a church or Bible...gwb served this country n the oval office with dignity not perfect but never with malice in his heart... He loved us all equally... And did his best to serve us and his faith..


Openly supporting race war, what a surprise.

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