Justin Trudeau lost for words over Trump handling of George Floyd protests

Justin Trudeau lost for words over Trump handling of George Floyd protests

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was silent for more than 20 seconds during a news conference Tuesday when questioned about Trump’s handling of George Floyd protests. When he finally did answer the reporter’s question, Trudeau avoided mentioning Trump directly. ’We all watch in horror and consternation at what is going on the United States,’ he said. ’It is time to pull people together.’

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 0 months

Yeah because bringing in the military is the right descision. When you have ORGANIZED TERRORISM and planned riots order is gone. FB is full of people who have lost family members to rioters or have been impacted by this outrageous scheme. It’s no longer just about social justice. It’s about opportunists and anarchists manipulating people into weapons.

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 0 months

Are they really trying to spin this moron's 20 seconds of inner panic trying to come up with a milk-toast response as something stunning and brave?

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

In that 20 seconds he thought "don't mess it up, don't mess it up, don't mess it up"

Seekster 0 months

Staying silent is a notable improvement for Trudeau.

Nomeacasoxlogin NACXL
Nomeacasoxlogin NACXL 0 months

Said the two-faced, phony, virtue-signaling joke of a man.. sorry, "person"..🙄🙄

Delterra 0 months

Lol it's impossible to criticize Trump without a lot of lashback so it makes sense that he is being careful although it's pretty obvious that the United States has become so polarized and trump is such a devisive figure that it's creating global polarization it's actually a fascinating phenomenon similar to academics such as Jordan Peterson, Slavoj Zizek. As much as I hate grouping him in with academics 😅. It is a serious indication of the unwilling cacophonous grouping of political ideologies onto a dichometric spectrum which is of course absurd given the complex variety of political and economic ideology. The implications in my opinion demonstrating growing urges for conflict which is probably more closely related to existential threats we feel incapable of addressing. Carl J. Would be fascinated with what is happening. We see fewer and fewer unifying figures and more absolutist devisive figures generating more hate, fascism, extremeism, violence on all sides including Trump. You are either extreme for supporting him or extreme for opposing him so when faced with the question of judging him you ca''t give an answer without immediately recurving the extremist label... The urony.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

Who cares what Trudeau the communist potato and his communist party has to say. He should go back to sell socks.

Delterra 0 months

At least he didn't attack the interviewer by saying 'thats a nasty question' and took a fair bit of effort to come up with a decent response😂 not only that but ''ve now herd him give a better adress of the problem than our own president which really goes to show that there are still leaders out there. I do''t have to agree with Justi''s policies but I can still appreciate the tact of his answer and his powerfully unifying leadership in response to a difficult question.

Emil 0 months

Such a travesty for all people kinds!!

Paul N
Paul N 0 months

What actually happened is someone put a mirror in front of him and he fell more in Love with himself than ever. Please don’t forget he is first and foremost a drama teacher.

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 0 months

Don't give my PM that much credit. he was paralyzed trying to find a response that satisfies his left wing base while simultaneously not trying to alienate our greatest ally and most important trading partner. Nothing more, nothing less.

Philip DeLorenzo
Philip DeLorenzo 0 months

There's more question surrounding what you do with kids, and why you're always surrounded by what seems to be an entourage of now convicted pedophiles...JUSTIN!?! Shut up, you goose-stepping, black face wearing, pedo-ring loving, pile of human excrement -- not one intelligent human being takes you seriously. Gotta get rid of Trump right? He's such a racist right...OR, is your future looking a little grim with him around?? Wouldn't want the world to find out huh?

Andrew 0 months

Surely he was waiting for the person doing the sign language to finish before he spoke??

Fin 0 months

Sad but wise to. Not give bonespurs the. Opportunity to pick a fight n distract..... Want to upset him... Issue travel advisory cautioning your citizens about traveling in to usa due to civil unrest...

EnricoLudo 0 months

He was thinking “ we are lucky to be Canadians “!

Desiree 0 months

Should we really listen to Fidel Castro's b*stard son when Canada itself is worse off with their racism against the indigenous people?

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 0 months

What if we call the killing of George Floyd an honor killing?

flinx101 0 months

Oh, look, media manipulation again.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

@Delterra Sorry but the devisive figures are mainly those that can't handle losing an election, won't fact check, can't read past a headline and have nothing but hatred/vitriol for anyone not towing their line. Same here in the UK. Trump was attacked before doing anything, remember.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 0 months

Just curious, what point is it to have the second amendment if the population is too stupid to use it?

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