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Ex-Defense official resigns, accuses Esper of violating his oath

Ex-Defense official resigns, accuses Esper of violating his oath

James Miller, who served as the undersecretary of Defense for policy from 2012 to 2014, resigned from his position on the Pentagon’s science board Tuesday. Miller accused Secretary of Defense Mark Esper of betraying his oath of office by backing President Trump on the forceable removal of peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C..

CheekyGreenConure 5 months

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Shooting, looting, setting things on fire isn't peaceful.

Property 5 months

I think it is funny that everyone talking about peaceful DC protests don't show any video. Mabye because when you look you see a church on fire and violence all around.

Matthew 5 months

So upholding the "domestic" part of the oath, is breaking said oath? Last time I checked, you don't get to choose which parts of the oath to ignore when it's politically convenient.

MF 5 months

Everyone I know that lives in there areas feel victimized by outsiders who are destroying their neighborhoods and their legitimate greievence. So sad

User Inactive
User Inactive 5 months

Yes we should just let our cities be plundered and burned as grand display of tolerance.... people who think like this make my head hurt.

Caitriona 5 months

What happened before, where the protesters asked to move and did not!? The media does not tell the full story, they cherry pick and frame events in an incendiary manner,, especially before an election cycle! I started a petition on change. org/ UniteAmerica. Please sign and share, we need to take our Country back and end the brainwashing!

kevin 5 months

Everyone should go and watch the DC protests on June 1st for themselves and stop just following the word of boot licker, Sean Hannity.

Antony 5 months

When police murdering stops, looting and shooting stops.

Will 5 months

What a surprise, these small government and liberterian types seem to really like government use of force on peaceful protestors. Youre whats wrong with this country. Your attitude will ensure further civil dissarray - thank you for not wanting to fix the problem.

James 5 months

The Leftist media is really going all-out with framing the criminal violent chaos, burning of buildings, looting, vandalism, destruction of public and private property, murder and assault as "peaceful protests." It's riots at the level of insurrection. The media AND this former Pentagon employee JAMES MILLER can go "F" theirselves. And I'm glad he's quitting the Pentagon. GTFO

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months

Atleast he's got the nads to do something he believes in. Most don't and just whine.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 5 months

DSA. The communist insurgency is the real legacy of Obama. When he said he was a community organizer hebpurlosfulky miss spoke. What he wanted to say was that he was a communist organizer. But like most of the things Obama and his revolutionary crew were up to it was all done in secret.

Doug 5 months

Esper, Pompeo, proud "West Point Mafia": deep ties to Kochs, ALEC, MICC

Nduwueze 5 months

Fine there is a Deep State but how does that stop Trump from inciting a race war??

Stacy 5 months

Esper? Is that kinda like south parks version of American economics?

Burger 5 months

Tear gassing priests to do a photo op. Promises kept?

JC Hagen
JC Hagen 5 months

It is not news worthy when a beurocrat from the opposition party resigns in protest.

random Rage
random Rage 5 months

So I guess there is a breaking point for these people in power. Is it based on principles or politics?

Cole 5 months

Good riddance. Just another Deep state agent!

t 5 months

To the US people, REIGN IN that person you call a president, and keep him and his Palace Guards away from hurting American's who have been protesting which is their right to do.

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