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Suspect data from US Company changed COVID-19 policy of WHO, governments

Suspect data from US Company changed COVID-19 policy of WHO, governments

The COVID-19 policies and plans devised by a number of national governments as well as the World Health Organization have changed. The change has been implemented on the basis of data from a little-known US analytics company. The data is reported to have been flawed.

Brady 4 months

When are we going to stop letting social media dictate global policy?! Even “experts” are willing to believe anything if it benifits your overarching narrative

Alt nothing
Alt nothing 4 months

Covid has proven there's lots of unscrupulous people and organisations out there. Investigations and procedures need to be put in place to stop this happening again. Here's hoping they can be brought to book somehow.

John W
John W 4 months

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE SUSTAINED DOSE AND PPE CAN REDUCE COVID-19 RISK IN HEALTHCARE WORKERS, ICMR STUDY SAYS Chief doctor Nurettin Yiyit - whose art work is on the hospital walls - says it's key to use hydroxychloroquine early. "Other countries are using this drug too late," he says, "especially the United States. We only use it at the beginning. We have no hesitation about this drug. We believe it's effective because we get the results." On a tour of the hospital, adding and subtracting protective layers as we go, he explains that Turkey's approach is to "get ahead of the virus", by treating early and treating aggressively. They use hydroxychloroquine and other drugs, along with blood plasma and oxygen in high concentrations. Dr Yiyit is proud of his hospital's mortality rate of under 1%, and of the empty beds in the intensive care unit. They try to keep patients out of here, and off ventilators.

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