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Statue of Frank Rizzo, former Philadelphia Mayor, removed after protest

Statue of Frank Rizzo, former Philadelphia Mayor, removed after protest

The city of Philadelphia took down a statue of the former mayor Frank Rizzo, who aggressively regulated black people and gay people in the 1960s & ’70s. The statue, which stood at the municipal services building, had remained in Center City for more than two decades since its unveiling in 1999. It was often vandalized, and protesters in recent days had tried to take it down and light it on fire.

Seekster 3 months

Unless these people are calling for the sandblasting of Mount Rushmore then they are hypocrites. You shouldn't remove statues or symbols of great people just because they were also racist by today's standards.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 3 months

tried to burn a bronze statue LOL that takes a lot of energy to melt not very smart. They should have rammed it with a stolen police car.

WJ MacKENZIE 3 months

Sounds like the mayor was a raging asshole. That being said... whats the criteria fornacceptable art now? If only saints who are without sin are allowed, there will be a whole lot of statues and portraits vandalized or removed. As in all of them.

TheCurrentModality 3 months

Interesting how they leave out his party affiliation. Was Democrat.

Fin 3 months

I grew up there... At that time his cops where Considered the most violent cops in usa... They dressed in jack boots... They have come far and worked hard to reform the culture... The city was overrun with hells angels at war with mafia... N the John afrika commune up in North East Philly baiting for race wars... Terrorizing their neighbors and little Nicky scarfo n his trailer park mafia after they hit Angelo bruno linked to the Gambinos the scarfo crew code of he would wack anyone he didn't like and whack their wives.. Their kids moms dogs even the goldfish... And the gang life.. There... They called it.. The badlands.. No kid safe from indocternation... Rizzo was merciless and his cops loved him...... Then he was gone the force worked hard to become better trained... They solved some great crimes... Ie the abduction of a tenderagae little girl because the citizens there a kid on his bike saw the kid in a window of a row house.. By now the cops where more into foot beats with back up cars not far and better community policing... This kid rode his bike to cops on foot and told him they saw the child.... The cops listened responded rescued the child and arrested the scumbag kidnapper.. A pederast... Wasn't easy n Philly is a unique place and it takes unique good policing to protect the citizens there... To take down Rizzo is a good sign.. They hear you.. Work with them so they can serve you... And protect you.. With dignity and high ethics... It's a blue collar place... And proud folks live there.. And it's a rich African American colonial history that enhances Philly... They are always fighting corruption..... And if you notice Philly doesn't care if u limelight em... They are gonna get the job done right and keep on improving to wipe out the Rizzo culture in those ranks.... Go eagles

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

"light it on fire" Y'all trying to burn bronze. 🤔

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