Google faces $5bn lawsuit in US for tracking ’ private’ internet use

Google faces $5bn lawsuit in US for tracking ’ private’ internet use

Google has been sued for illegally invading the privacy of its users by tracking their internet use through browsers set in ’private’ mode. The lawsuit filed in federal court in San Jose, California seeks $5bn, and accused Google for gathering data through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications and website plug-ins, including smartphone apps.

AbsentSal 4 weeks

I really just use incognito for someone who opens my phone from the outside, not the in. I never doubted for a second google looked at that shit

David 4 weeks

I think I'm on Google's side on this one. Incognito has nothing to do with websites such as Google tracking you. All it states is that history and cookies on *your own* device won't be saved. Website can still do what they want and if you use their site you are accepting their terms of service. Nevertheless, it still sucks that there is so much tracking and privacy problems, but this scenario is perfectly legal and i don't expect the 5 billion to go through. And remember, you always have the choice to use duckduckgo, for searching at least.

Fin 4 weeks

Their a monopoly.. A bully monopoly.. Five bil for them is, like making a Starbucks run... They honor nothing.. They snoop thru everything

Delterra 4 weeks

That doesn't surprise me why wouldn't you watch how your system is used? It's user choice to utilize the Google product. Of course they look at searches how could they not? I thought it was stated in their terms of use? Even incognito mode is viewed it's literally how the internet works everything that isn't itentionally hidden is stored information. It's not like individual people are looking at what other individuals are searching. It's computer systems monitoring themselves and analyzing search terms to further improve the Google product. Yes there are ethical concerns but this isn't illegal or surprising. You agree to give up your privacy by using a browser or the internet period. Every tech company analyzes every keystroke you make, it's how computers work, at least according to my understanding.

Enrico 4 weeks

I use DuckDuckgo as browser, works well and no tracking!

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 4 weeks

kinda catch 22. if you don't monitor them you maybe called an accessory to child porno. but if you do monitor then you are a n information thief .

The Biggest Bird
The Biggest Bird 4 weeks

Ok that's a lot but who gets the money?

IIZard 4 weeks

Incognito affects your browser, not servers.

JMMA-Z 4 weeks

Time to split them up!

RaiRai 4 weeks

Because of this system, they have managed to get a bunch of criminals who search topics on how to kill with less pain, how to bury etc. and of course pedophiles. I am on Google's side on this one. People don't need to use that service if they are scared of getting tracked.

ian 4 weeks

Google is doing a great job being evil. Oh i mean NOT being evil, thats right ;)

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