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Facebook takes down white nationalist and fake antifa accounts

Facebook takes down white nationalist and fake antifa accounts

Facebook said Tuesday it has suspended accounts associated with white nationalist groups after some advocated bringing weapons to the current wave of anti-racist protests. The company also took down accounts that falsely claimed to be affiliated with Antifa. Some affected accounts had ties to the Proud Boys, a right-wing group, and American Guard, a self-described constitutional nationalist group

Kyle G
Kyle G 4 months

I have not ever seen a “white nationalist”, where are they??...unless you mean “white” people who are also nationalists, if that’s the case I know many and I am one myself.

Bob 4 months

Looks like a blatant attempt to link Pres. Trump with white nationalists. Shame on whoever allowed this posting.

F G 4 months

People keep talking about White nationalist. I am yet to find one, meet one, talk to one. They keep telling us they are all around us... It must be true right?

David Webb
David Webb 4 months

They have no proof that was not a real account.

Just Print More Money
Just Print More Money 4 months

I've seen the page that was removed,it literally just urged Antifa to continue rioting and killing with really shouty language.Thats not good for anyone apart from people who want the riots to continue

The Conservative Gaming Channel
The Conservative Gaming Channel 4 months

“‘White nationalist’ and fake Antifa accounts”? How do you know they’re fake?

John 4 months

Typical right wingers in the comments denying White Nationalist are real you people are sick just like Bunker Boy.

Skot 4 months

I took Facebook down years ago. So have the younger generations.

Turbolift 4 months

So they took down the fake Antifa accounts but left the real ones?

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