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George Floyd protests reach London: Thousands gather in march against racism

George Floyd protests reach London: Thousands gather in march against racism

Tens of thousands of Londoners chanting ’no justice, no peace, no racist police’ marched through central London Wednesday to protest against racism. ’We’ve come sound the alarm...,to dismantle supremacist systems,’said one of the protesters. On Parliament Square, and at other locations, thousands knelt on one knee and urged police officers to do the same, and a few of the officers did.

Ekitchi Hoshi
Ekitchi Hoshi 4 months

Educate me, what does it have to do with racism? Is there any reason besides the victim being black and the perpetrator being white?

Shalyn 4 months

I honestly don’t get why other countries are protesting. Using George Floyd’s name. I mean I could understand if he was originally from another country but he was not, so it really does not make sense to me. I mean I don’t see other countries protesting the human rights violations going on in Hong Kong. Yet they protest this. I’m just not figuring out how they even got involved

Critical 4 months

Charge with 3rd maybe 2nd degree murder isn’t justice? Focus on your own country and stop watching our retarded MSM.

Jack 4 months

The madness spreads... The mainstream media has done a real disservice to their viewship. So many people have been brain washed into believing police are inherently racist. Like joining the the police flips a switch in your head or something. Anyone who actually analyzed that concept would see how foolish a notion it is.

F G 4 months

This is all main stream media's fault. They are responsible for creating hate and division amongst races. Here in the UK, far left outlets such as The Guardian, the Independent and the BBC for example have managed to propagandise and brainwash the youth, while hiding in the cover of buzzwords such as tolerance and acceptance. These corporations are the true enemy of the citizens of this country, and they have no allegiance to this nation.

John W
John W 4 months

This was only a local matter, now the entire world is responsible for the death of one hard drug user, and a corrupt cop. This was most likely to with the minnesota somali money laundering/counterfeiting. Not racism.

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 4 months

What a bunch of morons. The only racists are the ones claiming everyone and everything is racist which are the very people 'peacefully' protesting it. Absolute idiots.

Fin 4 months

Thank you UK... Peaceful is what honors Mr Floyd..

Marcos 4 months

ANTIFA nas a role in this too. Ir has started acting in other countries besides the US.

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