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Two arrested in Boston in connection with attack on teens

Two arrested in Boston in connection with attack on teens

The police in Boston reported that two men have been arrested in connection with the violent assault and robbery of two teenagers in Park Street Station on Monday night. The two were reportedly kicked, punched and threatened money, clothes, shoes and cellphones were stolen. The Transit Police found the victims ’bloodied and naked’.

John W
John W 2 months

No liberal cities can complain, you voted for this response, you will vote for the same people in NOV. Enjoy the utopia you created, it perfect don't deminish it. Remember only to complain about Orange man bad. Your good at that l, so don't stop now. You just hang in there, it's bound to work eventually.

intherough 2 months

Why do we get all crazy when police use too much force on someone, but don't care when defenseless people are beat up like this. Makes no sense. How many of us like to go in the city for an outing, versus how many people are going to be any situation like Floyd was. The former affects so many more of us in our daily lives.

hugh 2 months

Imagine how surprised I was to learn their names

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