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Republican congressman Steve King loses primary race in Iowa

Republican congressman Steve King loses primary race in Iowa

Congressman Steve King lost his bid for renomination Wednesday to the state senator Randy Feenstra for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District. The 9-term controversial Republican was stripped of his committees assignments in 2019 after expressing sympathy for white supremacists. King has drawn national scrutiny for years for his remarks on issues such as immigration, abortion and race.

IIZard 4 months

"Randy will support building the wall while opposing Nancy Pelosi’s and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s reckless open borders policies that are endangering Iowa communities." I'm not sure the left will be happy with Randy

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 months

Good, f!ck off. No one like that should be in the republican party.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 4 months

One of many racist republicans. Hopefully the first of many to be voted out.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 4 months

So many ignorant comments in here the question he asked wasnt racist and its it's one that should have been asked a long time ago

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 4 months

Everyone deserves sympathy according to leftwing ideology, including homicidal maniacs, so why wouldn't law abiding people Werth unusual views?

Fin 4 months

Pack it up... Now you have more time to practice your religion of white nationalism....

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 4 months

This guy's demise after 9 terms is a sign of the times

Coach Steve
Coach Steve 4 months

Glad to see that racist go

Scheller 4 months


FoodNotBombs 4 months

Good he was an awful person

michael 4 months

good riddance to a white supremacist.

Jon 4 months

He gone!

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 4 months

Dude's an idiot. I think of you shouldn't be bigoted against your constituents.

yuckycrumpet 4 months

Republicans starting to finally clear the swamp working from the bottom up?

Charles 4 months

Wonderful news. It couldn’t have come to a more deserving recipient, or at a more significant time. After a career of defending every value that descent people oppose, his reward had arrived. Good luck on your next try at government socialist handouts. Like salaries for congressional millionaires.

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