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Biden offers to cut infrastructure plan bill to $1.7T

Biden offers to cut infrastructure plan bill to $1.7T

The White House has put forward a $1.7T infrastructure counteroffer Friday to Senate Republicans, dropping from President Biden’s sweeping $2.3T proposal ’in the spirit of finding common ground.’ Compared with the original plan, spending requests on roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects, as well as on broadband was trimmed. The new offer still dwarfs the one from Senate Republicans.

edwin 4 weeks

Sorry, but how about no. We don't need massive infrastructure investment via tax payer money that isn't there. The "entice manufacturing in the USA" plan was working pretty good, but that is shot now.

Thomas 4 weeks

If our representatives and lawmakers are deadset on spending on US infrastructure then we need to scrap or severely roll back other unnecessary spending such as sending money to other countries such as that pakistani sex change crap. When it comes to government spending i am a very strong advocate of “More is not better”. In my experience, any government be it state or federal, inherently (whether intentional or not) does everything as inefficiently as possible and ought to be much more limited on the extent to which they can meddle. Instead of increasing our reliance on the feds, we the people ought to foster an environment of personal responsibility and independence so that future generations might be more free from the ever watching eye of big brother.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 weeks

Beijing Biden's goal is to destroy the United States. The communist party which he leads is not about helping the American citizen it is about helping themselves to as much taxpayer money they can possibly steal.

bobby_5150 4 weeks

So Joe is willing to cut out the infrastructure part of the infrastructure bill. Will he rename it the social reprogramming bill now to fit it's actually purpose?

Faittastic 4 weeks

And all the materials will come from China! Thanks Biden you utter pillock.

Ryan 4 weeks

I see a lot of people in the comments saying they don't want to spend any money on infrastructure. I don't really understand this. I get wanting to cut the bill down, money or articles that are designed benefit the wealthy should stripped, although contractors will make a killing regardless. But infrastructure, if the money actually goes there, is the foundation of civilization. You need roads, bridges, sewage, lights, and ect. America's infrastructure has been in disrepair for a long time and no one is paying attention. Manufacturing doesn't matter if all the supply chains become disfunctional. I would think this is an objective topic people could agree on. This is why everyone is worried about the condition of this country. We are so wound up in political squabals that we can't even agree on the fundamentals. I don't even like Biden, but it's a shame, I know people will start blaming him when the bridges start collapsing too.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 4 weeks

US: This "infrastructure plan" is too expensive because it contains too much spending on things that aren't infrastructure. Biden: Fine, I'll cut back on some of the infrastructure spending.

Bluery 4 weeks

Typical Democrat move. Start with a sensible plan to appease your faithful base, then accept any excuse from a republican to a Democrat to a senate parliamentarian for why you just couldn’t do it. Meanwhile, make sure to satisfy the corporate welfare leaches with no bid contracts. Lied about checks to win a majority, then worked every angle to not come through for the people who voted for you. At least republicans are a little bit more transparent and actually defend states rights and more individual freedoms, even if it means the same thing in the end, that only those with opportunity can succeed and achieve the American dream. Can’t believe that’s the case, but Democrats are actually worse than Republicans.

John 4 weeks

I wouldn't even necessarily have a massive problem with infrastructure spending. The problem is the initial 2+ trillion proposed bill only had 5% actually going to infrastructure, this proposal has less money going to woke garbage, but also even less going to actual infrastructure. So no this isn't a compromise, or trying to find common ground. Its just slightly less money being spent on garbage, but it's still almost 100% garbage.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 4 weeks

Praise King Biden!! We will have an infrastructure bill but just with zero infrastructure because there is extra crap... praise the wise one

Glen 4 weeks

Problem with this bill is that out of 1.7 trillion, .3 trillion goes to infrastructure and the rest goes to liberial pork. No American should want this kind of spending. The taxpayers are being scamed again.

Random Bit
Random Bit 4 weeks

Off topic somewhat... Infrastructure: how do Biden’ians fund 500,000 EV charging stations and how do they “fuel” them so a charge is produced when you plug in. I calculated about 300 standard house panels are needed for a single super-charger (if it’s a sunny day 😎 ). That’s a lot of eco-power requirements to install and manage and that’s just one isolated purpose, let alone the rest of the country?

Dewey 4 weeks

Loser Biden apparently does not understand what is causing the massive price increases across the land on a variety of products and commodities. These Democrats are an abject failure and this administration is in a steep nosedive. The backlash next year in the midterms is going to be devastating for them… Thank God. This is the worst possible thing that could’ve ever happened to America

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

Try limiting it BY $1.7T, instead of TO $1.7T.

Something Witty
Something Witty 4 weeks

Money printer go brrrrrr

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 weeks

All of the "Biden offers/does..." headlines make me laugh. That shambling husk of a potato isn't doing anything except (bsdly) reading teleprompters. The staff and hidden shadow regime are the ones coming up with the words that Sniffy is "allowed" to say. 🤡🌐

george 4 weeks

African Gender Studies is not infrastructure, Joe.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 4 weeks

How about we further negotiate the bill to a reduction to $0.00 T? That sounds better to me.

Aaron 4 weeks

That little bit,why not. I'm sure 100%goes to real infrastructure. The BOG guy could have cared less about American businesses being attacked from abroad.... so HE said.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 weeks

Maybe if it was limited to infrastructure instead of being the leftists' Christmas Wish List......

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