’Get off my grass’, man interrupts Australian PM

’Get off my grass’, man interrupts Australian PM

A media conference by Australian PM Morrison was interrupted briefly when he and reporters were told by a homeowner to get off a newly reseeded lawn. Morrison travelled to a housing construction site in Googong, south of Canberra, to announce a stimulus package to support the construction sector. ’Can everyone get off the grass please. Come on, I’ve just reseeded that’, an unnamed local shouted.

Turbolift 4 weeks

Love 'dem Aussies!!

FourAncientWhiteElephants 4 weeks

Unfortunately the Australians have lost their gun rights, so when the government is out on your front lawn you won't have much resistance to offer.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 weeks

Legend. Grass seed is expensive, I don't care who you are standing on it, respect the grass.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 4 weeks

The most polite ballsy interruption ever!

porcus 4 weeks

HaHa! Perfect. I am jealous that he got to cross that off the bucket list, with not just a politician but the prime minister of his nation. :D Epic.

Alejandro 4 weeks

In al fairness. The homeowner didn't do anything wrong.

Jeffery Wells
Jeffery Wells 4 weeks

For real though, who just has a press conference on some guy's lawn? I could understand if it were a vacant lot or something, or someone on the crew know the guy and has permission, but to just plop down in some random citizen's lawn? What a complete lack of respect for the guy's property.

Mario Z
Mario Z 4 weeks

Best thing to come out in Australia in years. Honestly just such wholesome stuff fellow aussies, best news in 2020.

Sherlock 4 weeks

Only in a free country. But wake up Australia the CCP will infiltrate your government, then Chinese enterprise's money will interfere with your political stance to ultimately harvest your home just like they have done so with Xinjiang and many many countries in #Africa. Political correctness can't prevent the free world from pointing this out.

O'Brien 4 weeks

That’s about the fourth time this year Morrison’s been yelled at by the natives. Didn’t the Fierie in Cobargo tell him to “piss off” or something when he tried to shake his hand. Non-Australians should understand that there’s a tradition in this country of Prime Ministers getting into slanging matches with random Aussie battlers.

OMW2FYB 4 weeks

That’s the most American thing I ever heard

eclipseNF 4 weeks

Fuck news voice and it's censorship

The Biggest Bird
The Biggest Bird 4 weeks

Godamn Aussies

Brandon 4 weeks

Is this what political gaffs look like in Australia? Must be nice.

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 4 weeks

Quite polite version of "Git oorf muh lawn"

Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon 4 weeks

Bravo bud.

Silas Richardson
Silas Richardson 4 weeks

Good for that home owner.

Ty 4 weeks

Australia or Canada? Definitely not the US 😂

eclipseNF 4 weeks

News voice is a clown app riddled with censorship

Richard 4 weeks

Shout out to that guy, from 'Murica!

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