Hong Kong legislature passes controversial national anthem bill

Hong Kong legislature passes controversial national anthem bill

Thursday, Hong Kong’s legislature approved a contentious bill that makes it illegal to insult the Chinese national anthem subject to 3 years in prison. The legislation passed after pro-democracy lawmakers tried to disrupt the vote. With most of the opposition boycotting the vote, the bill passed 41-1. The pro-democracy camp sees the anthem bill as an infringement of freedom of expression.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 4 weeks

Are you a communist party bot 'Antony' not Anthony.? Issues of racism are but a communist Chinese party weapon of distraction. CCP is bent on conquering the world from within. HongKong is the first line of defense, Taiwan is next... The US has been infiltrated by Antifa and many leftist groups all supported directly or indirectly by China.

Antony-John 4 weeks

Making mocking national anthem a crime is the wet dream of all white supremacist. They are just jealous.

TiGe3 4 weeks

Of course they do. Almost 3 mln HKers signed the petition to support national security law. That's the democracy west is screaming about. ))) Love that punch to the face of little *** Joshua Wong and others .

FourAncientWhiteElephants 4 weeks

Here is your place, you will conform to what I say, if you don't play your role you will die. This is what has happened in history over and over, finally America emerged as a gleaming bastion putting power into the hands of the people and propelling the rest of the world into a new standard. Though lately subterfuge of politics, entertainment, news, and other sources seek to get rid of that notion. Don't let them, don't give an inch on your rights and freedoms even if there is promise of safety and security.

BadgerMilk 4 weeks

Communists sure have a thin skin. Can't take the slightest criticism.

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