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Majority ’sympathetic’ to protesters, disapprove of Trump’s response: Poll

Majority ’sympathetic’ to protesters, disapprove of Trump’s response: Poll

A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday revealed that a majority of Americans sympathize with nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd and disapprove of President Trump’s response to the unrest. 1,113 American adults were polled. 64% were ’sympathetic to people who are out protesting right now’. Over 55% disapproved of Trump’s handling of the protests.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

Oh yeah, because polls are always an accurate picture of the country... I would also say I'm sympathetic to the protests,but i sure as hell an not towards the rioting, looting and killing. And I'm pretty sure most people feel that way as well. Not many people I know that would support the lunitics going out and causing destruction. On a side note, say a really uplifting video of some live streamer trying to get the protesters to flip a truck, and then they all stop and call him out for instagating and resumed peacefully. That's how it should be.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 months

Something that I really have a difficult time understanding: everything that happens in the whole country becomes a measure of people's view of Trump. There are thousands of local and state leaders that have a much more direct impact on pretty much all of it, but the left and the MSM always try to "pin it" on Trump. In a way that is the whole deep state in a nutshell -- do they really think the entire population is dumb enough to believe it?

Seekster 4 months

If this is true then those of us who know better need to do a better job of showing people why the myth that America still suffers from institutional racism is just that, a myth. The lie has been repeated so often that people aren't even allowed to disagree with it anymore...I mean just look at how fast Drew Brees was made to beg forgiveness (which he never should have done).

yuckycrumpet 4 months

The church and military have spoken out against what happened.Very very few republicans coming out supporting the first daughters idea to take photos at that church. I hope trump wins but looking unlikely. I mean there’s still corona going on not that this app is paying any attention to it seemingly? So even when protestors go home there will still be that.

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